Nike Air Max2 Light 2019 retro.

Joined Sep 25, 2015
These color ways are for these 19 year olds with the broccoli hair curly fro fades and the tight jeans with the fake belts—nike kills two birds because the older guys know what these are and the young kids think they are just coming out now lol
Joined Dec 28, 2003
What bothers me most is that I'm not really fond of the majority of these color ways.

If I knew I could get my hands on a pair in something clean (and simple) for like $40 because of the flood and inevitable discounts I wouldn't be that mad.

I still might scoop the Neon pair as a beater.
Joined Dec 9, 2009
WHy are they doing so much cw's? Are people really buying them that much?
I got my teals and thats all I wanted. Reds and purps are dope but not my thing
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