Nike Air Yeezy Thread Vol 4.. Net/Net 2 weeks till release....6/6/2009

Jan 5, 2008
[h2]Air Yeezy Locations[/h2]Posted by Peter Sim | Apr 3, 2009

If you haven't noticed, the Air Yeezy is probably going to be one of the biggest Nike releases this year.

We've compiled a list of spots where you can find a pair. There are plenty more spots, but these are the ones that we've confirmed.

Obviously, a lot these places already have tons of people camped out for them or pairs allocated to employees and VIPs, so get in where you fit in.

List of the stores after the jump.
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Active Athlete (Houston, TX)
ALIFE Rivington (LES, NYC)
The Attic - Buena Park
The Attic - San Diego
Beatnic (Fullerton, CA)
Big Mike's (Duncanville, TX)
Blends (San Diego, CA)
Bodega (Boston, MA)
Burn Rubber (Detroit, MI)
Commonwealth DC
Concepts (Boston, MA)
Darkside Initiative (San Francisco, CA)
Dave's Quality Meat (NY, NY)
DTLR (several locations in Baltimore)
Flight Club NY
Footaction (34th St, NYC)
GOODS (Seattle, WA)

High Point Shoes (Scottsdale, AZ)
House of Hoops Beverly HIlls
House of Hoops Chicago
House of Hoops Harlem
HUF SF (San Francisco, CA)
Kicks/HI (Honolulu, HI)
Leaders 1354 (Chicago, IL)
Livestock (Toronto, Canada)
MAJOR DC (Washington DC)
Millennium Shoe (Los Angeles, CA)
Nike Sportswear 21 Mercer (NY)
Nike Sportswear Montalban (LA, CA)
Niketown Chicago
Niketown SF (San Francisco, CA)
Niketown LA
Premium Goods (Brooklyn, NY and Houston, TX)
Primitive (Encino, CA)
Proper (Long Beach, CA)
Self Conscious (auction - Chicago, IL)
Sheikh's (multiple locations, but most likely SF location)
Shoe Gallery (Miami, FL)
Shop Gentei (Baltimore, MD)
Sports Plus (New Orleans, LA)
St Alfreds (Chicago, IL)
Succezz (auction - Chicago, IL)
TRUE (San Francisco, CA)
UBIQ (Philadelphia, PA)
Undefeated (All locations except Silverlake)
Vault Harlem
Walter's (Atlanta, GA)

And remember:


Release Date 6/6/2009 Retail $215.00
are you kidding me Pimp? #4 ?

lmaoooo yo man, i woke up to this idea whats going on or why its locked but release is next weekend and stores are gonna be getting shipment......
^ yea,I'll be missing out yet AGAIN. sister's graduation on the 6th. can't miss it.
I would like a pair for RETAIL though

this thread will be locked a few days after the 6th with all the buying/selling/trading
nah man, we gotta get you a pair... we'll figure something out...... yea it will probably be locked after the 6th
I MUST cop these since I missed the first two colors. I'll have to cop the Black/Pinks off of Ebay. Tans are hot though and Kanye's favorite color

this is a shame. can't even have one yeezy thread. lol @ a part 4 because ppl can't follow directions.
The Tans are the shiznizzle... i might put in some work for these. The Zens are on ice in my closet and I've let the Black/Pinks fade into oblivion as theyhave become the least appealing. The nylon makes them less lux than the others, imho
can't wait for the yeezys to be done with. i kinda hope they dont come out with more colorways. enough of this madness.
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