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Joined Jul 21, 2012
Haven’t seen a thread about this for a while. Had a nice little hoop sesh this morning and couldn’t decide what to run in. Went with the KD3 since it has been a while. Here’s my current rotation. What do you guys currently run in?? (Kyrie 4s and Kobe’s are currently getting the most run)
Joined Jun 23, 2016
Usually have 2 in the bag.

KD 9 Elite / Lebron 15. The give my knees a rest combo.

Kyrie 2 / KD 11. I'll start in the KD shooting around. If a game happens I'll switch to Kyrie. The KDs have been used for games but I go in eliminating any moves requiring hard plants or cuts.

Why Not 1 Chaos / Kyrie 4. Just a pair of two shoes that have a well rounded game.
Joined Oct 18, 2016
XX9s are supposed to be like the GOAT aren’t they??? You have the mids/lows??
XX9s are probably the GOAT. I switch out 2 pairs of mids, as well as the occasional Kobe 11 wear. Supposedly the XX9 lows are even better than the mids, but unfortunately I've never given them a shot.
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Kyrie 5 Concepts (Stopped wearing due to bad traction)
2012 Hyperdunks (Will wear over Kyrie 5s)
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KD9 (zoom bag just popped)
Kobe 1 Protro
Lebron 16 (Usually last shoe is one for weartesting purposes)
Joined Jul 21, 2012
KD9 (zoom bag just popped)
Kobe 1 Protro
Lebron 16 (Usually last shoe is one for weartesting purposes)
Only downfall of the KD 9 is that zoom bag popping. I personally love my pair. Still love that triple black pair and white USA pair but don’t need them. Haha. I’ve heard great things about the Protro 1.
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I was hooping in the KD 9-10’s... while comfortable, I could sometimes feel my foot rolling over the Zoom bags while making hard/Quick cuts.

Harden Vol’ 1’s are probably the most underrated hooping shoe ever. They’re probably my favorite shoe to hoop in, ever. In my opinion they’re 10/10 in every category used to critique a hooping shoe.

Kyrie IV’s are a decent hooping shoe, nothing groundbreaking though... they get the job done.

Currently hooping in the AJ 33, again... nothing groundbreaking besides the wire mechanism used to tighten the shoe. Cushion is decent, traction is nice...
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I'm hooping in the PG 1, PG 2, D Rose 7 and occasionally XX9's. The PG 2 and D Rose 7 are my go to's tho.
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Harden V.3's almost nightly, with the occasional PG 2.5 and Kyrie 4 thrown in.

Will probably mess with the kd12's and then Why not zero.2's when the lows drop in the summer.
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Nothing will beat the feeling of the XX8SE for me. I went to the XX9 for the softer upper and sacrificed some of the bounce. Still would take either one these days. Maybe I should pick up another pair to play in.
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Current 5 man rotation:

- Lebron 16's
- Harden 3's
- Harden 2's
- Lebron 11's
- adding the Westbrook's this weekend


I don't plan on wearing any of these casually. On court only :lol:
Recently retired from the rotation:

- Jordan 32
- Crazy Explosive 2017
- Kobe AD Mid
- Kobe 8 (lunar was completely worn out)
- Crazy explosive 2016

I love seeing what other people's rotations look like!

Post pics y'all! :nthat:


formerly in4hawaii
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Moved to Vegas last summer. Had to store most of my collection at my moms house back in SoCal. So right now I’m only hooping in PG1 and PG2. Both are great performers. Recently just bought a pair of Kobe AD exodus. Love the fit and court feel. Zero break in time as well. Although traction can have you slip with explosives movements


formerly thewindscar31
Joined Aug 17, 2005
I really wish the Rose 7s worked out for me. Love the aethetics and tech of the shoe. Just didn't fit my foot well.
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