Nike Contest - CONGRATS TO NT-SHIRT WINNER: Twilight24xJet

Discussion in 'Nike Archive' started by brilliant, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. brilliant

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    Feb 16, 2000
    [​IMG]The Nike Forum Contest"What do you want to see from NIKE BASKETBALL that it isn't currently doing?"

    The winner: Twilight24xJet
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    Dec 9, 1999
    Good luck everyone!
  3. jblackcat13


    Aug 26, 2005
    I'll give it a try....

    I want Nike Basketball to bring back the golden age of basketball shoes. Make something memorable that has quality and changes everything. Make a big impact in sneaker design and purpose of a shoe. Something that we will remember years from now and bring in a revival of Nike Basketball like the 90's. Of course it has to serve it's purpose and make a great shoe for basketball far superior from others. Try making something new and not use something from shoes in the past. Not hybrids and re use the same base for a shoe. Make an impact, changes.....another revolution....

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  4. whywesteppin


    Mar 28, 2004
  5. ninjahood


    Aug 2, 2004
    bring back da lawlessness feel of nike designs from da mid 90's...when u saw a pair of kicks back then, they were outta this world...they dont do that no more...everything is so reserved its almost dry.......

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  6. twilight24xjet


    Dec 2, 2003
    Here's my submission:

    Forget simple lines and simple colors, what Nike Basketball really needs to do is become the innovation machine that it once was in the 90's/early 2000's and take some risk. Like the the Air Preassure's in 1990, Air Huarache in 92', the Flightposite 1 in 1999(IMO the greatest Nike Basketball shoe to actually play in), and the Nike Shox BB4 in 2000. I want that feeling, to question whether or not I'm going to eat this week because I have to save my money to get a shoe and when or if I do, to stare at the shoe for days because it is that cool, to run and look for the nearest most updated Eastbay to see what was used to make the shoe. Not because its a hyped retro or that it's limited.

    I need Nike Basketball to introduce the public new ways of the use their technology with cushioning and materials to out proform any baskletball shoe out there take some risks to advance even more. Too many of their shoes now are almost the same e.g. really big swoosh with choice of cushioning. Even when it was a "small" change, like max air was "always" used, but Nike decided to have "blown-out" max air that we see in the Barkely series. Or when it was something new and more noticable like Zoom, TL, Tuned, Tubular airs and Shox. As well as a design, color scheme, and marketing plan that is appropriate of what it is that the new and exciting about that shoe. I'm not talking about some crazy colored patent leathers, dumb gimmicks, and all clear soles. I'm talking about style in conjuction with function. The first time I saw the use of Foamposite technology, I was in awe. Zoom Air, a full polyurethane upper that encapsulated the midsole with carbon fiber for stability, and in a crazy alien looking blue color scheme?! I was quite impressed.

    Though I might be asking for to much, I guess the bottom line is I want to be impressed again

    Edit*On that note, I plan on buying 3 pairs of Eggplant Flightposite 1's and balling in all of them till I see the Zoom Air at the bottom. :D [​IMG]
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  7. daffy 016

    daffy 016

    Jun 9, 2006
    Nike Basketball has changed over the years. Most basketball sneakers would be used to be played basketball a decade ago. But now when they recreate the retros it seems like they just release them for casual use. I mean most gr retros are garbage, the quality sucks and the colors are stupid bright. Ive seen highlighter dunks, black patent/green / pink air bakins. Nike needs to focus on better colorways im not a person like most of NT that @#%$ about quality but if they are going to retro something then they should at least keep the color schemes nice and simple
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  8. raburns04


    Mar 30, 2005
    to me, nike is going the way of my favorite model american company: general motors. while nike hasn't reached the same level of utter stagnation, they have started to dip in quality and lean heavily on their past innovations while other companies catch up and pass them (though there aren't really as many true competitors to the apparel throne as there are automotive companies waiting in the wings). nike basketball was, at one point, about the passion of the game, the desire to look good, and the willingness to try something completely new. shoes like the fab 5's huarache, the hyperflights, all the different 'posits; these shoes were made for you to either love or hate from both a visual and a performance standpoint. as such, they have become cult classics. nike is trying to reach to many people with as few products as possible, and therefore taking a much more conservative model of design. i remember when nike had a ridiculous number of products (and not just high-end stuff with low-end parallel products a la the kobe 1 and that cheaper shoe, or the huarache and its counterpart) and each one was equally suited for ball, but had performance differences that translated into physical differences. the function was the form. the passion was true. i miss that.
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  9. brotipoo


    Jul 4, 2002
    I want Nike basketball to take back the NBA from Adidas! Nuff said!
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  10. kid lebron

    kid lebron

    Feb 24, 2007
    What i want Nike Basketball to do that they aren't doing right now is to pick up what they had started in the late 90's, the crazy designs, eye bursting neon colors...I may not have known what all the shoes were called, not even the brands (i was 5) but all I knew was that i wanted the crazy shoe like the glove and the presto cage, along with some other crazy shoes by Adidas.
    They need to bring back all of the designers of the 'posites and ask them to make a anniversary special for Nike instead of screwing up air max 97's. If this is done Nike knows they are going to make some cash of this because look at the retro'd foamposite 1's, they sold out like crazy and are going above retail on the bay. Nike has seen all the hype going on but they aren't doing anything about it, they are making us starve for the stuff we want. IMO if nike was smart they would be throwing out new posite designs like crazy, not these half posite lebron iv. Now its all about Zoom Air which isn't bad but everybody likes a classic. That too if you do retro it Nike, please dont screw it up like the Jordan line.
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    Sep 2, 2006
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  12. you big dummy

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    Feb 17, 2006
  13. daaznfella

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    Nov 18, 2001
    I would like to see a return to actually making products that turn heads, not due to the colorways, but from the designs itself. The Garnett 3, with it's gradient color scheme was unique, and it was a quality basketball shoe to boot as well. Although the Ultraposite was a rehash of FP1 and FP3, it was still unique in itself to be a great basketball shoe, and is one of the few Nike products to only be backed up by one single color. New innovations make people squirm, and at one point in time, nike wasn't afraid of pushing the boundaries. Shoes are "classic", because when they were created, other sneakers looked nothing like it.

    The entire HOA pack, each of those shoes when they originally released were different from other sneakers, whether it was the materials (bootie for 93, tenjin upper for 03), or the materials/designs that were made (95s, 97s, '96 tailwinds)

    Why are Air Jordans so iconic and popular, because the design of the Air Jordans are different than any other product out there. Although we've seen some recent ones fail, (XX2, XIX SE), they've proven themselves capable of using innovative ideas, with great designs, to create that magical instant sellout (XX), like we all remember. I'm sure a majority of us can consider the Jordan XX a classic in the making

    Look at what's out currently, Nike shox Spotlight, Nike 360 bball 2, and Zoom BB....These items all provide some types of new innovation in cushioning, however, when there are numerous "clones" of these sneakers on the market, who is to say which shoes can be considered a classic?
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  14. rap sizzle

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    Jan 25, 2007
    Create shoes that are visually appealing and are high performance at the same time. They need to quit looking at the past and design shoes with fresh ideas. Combining shoes (hybrids) and slightly altering designs to create more updated looking versions of the retros (Sharkleys) is not creative. Nor is using a single upper with different cushioning systems (Team Elites) Designing shoes that look good enough for casual wear and are excellent in performance at the same time is something Nike has been lacking lately. Take the Kobe III for example. They look like amazing basketball shoes but would I ever wear them around the mall? Hell no. For the steep price consumers are paying for products with a Swoosh, it would be nice if they were a little more versatile.

    Colorwise, more and more Nike products are starting to cater to hypebeasts. They'll slap the brightest colors on a shoe knowing that some kids only want to get shoes that stand out. I'm not saying that they should stick to plain Team Bank colored shoes, but use colors that actually work well together.

    I want Nike to go crazy with their designs, make people uncomfortable if they have to but not to the point that they will deter most people. While today's NBA stars aren't as strongly marketable as the ones were in the 90s, they can still sell products provided that they are marketed the right way. Giving players PE colors that the public will never get a hold of is something that irritates me. I say continue giving players PEs but also consider releasing them to the public. That was the great thing about Jordans. People got to wear exactly what MJ did on an NBA floor.

    With Nike sitting on top of the basketball footwear market, it should be their responsibility to be innovative and lead the industry in design and technology. Do not take complete inspiration from the past. Bring in new designs that will blow people away...something new...something fresh...something we all would like to, no...something we all would WANT to wear.

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  15. nbadotcom


    Jun 25, 2007
    I would like to see limited editions of NBA players PE's for that particular NBA city.
    For instance, I'm in Phoenix - why the hell do I care to go to Finish Line and buy Jermaine O'Neal PE's?
    If they had a selection of Suns PE's - Marion, Stat, Nash, I'd be all over that.
    In Memphis you could have some Gasol or Biggie PE's, some BG7's in Chicago, or some J's for Jesus in Boston etc.

    It wouldn't require too much of an investment by Nike being that the shoes already exist, but it probably would have a good return.
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  16. chewvenile


    Mar 21, 2003
    Id like to see revolutionary designs. Shoes that make the new generation really into sneakers. Taking it back to the glory days of 90's basketball shoes.
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  17. beezylocks


    Apr 6, 2007
    i wanna see some new technology in nike basketball. i mean they have new technology but im talking bout something that will change the shoe industry 4 life likw when they invented "air" technology. i want them to make somthing that will show there cmpetitors that they are still the best and that they are gunna keep being the best.
    I also want too c new creative dsigns and colorschemes and stop using the same tired names and stuff. i wanna c a new flightposite type shoe, an eye caching bball shoe, like the godzilla back then, that people will remeber in 10-15 years when it gets retroed again.
    I also want to see nike bball commercials. i always see nike running but no basketball as much as b4.

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  18. novaballer


    Jul 26, 2004
    I would like to see Nike Retro basketball sneaker from the 90's, with the same colorway and quility... doubt it would ever happen.

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  19. yuckiebrian


    Jul 4, 2005
    Simple answer. I would like to see them give Nike basketball shoes to people in Africa. Darfur, affects many part of this world today although we do think that giving something won't make a change that is absolutely wrong. I would like to see them support African Americans and give them shoes so they don't have to walk on crap. This would make millions of African Americans suffering in non livable conditions know that we DO CARE! This can also inspire other companies or people to step up and change the world today!
  20. theprocessofbelief

    theprocessofbelief Banned

    Jun 25, 2004
    I would like to see Nike utilize the Innovation Kitchen more and continue with the Alpha Project lines.... some truely amazing things came about from this.

    My one wish of Nike is to start implementing some Nike tech into their sub brands...Converse, Hurley, ect.

    Wade 4.0 with zoom? Converse deisgns have been on point, but don't really have the tech to back it up. Nike could come in and aid them in that sense. Or at least share ideas...

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  21. ferrari6888


    May 19, 2004
    Simple: Create new, innavative shoes with new technology's no one would ever think of wearing on their feet
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  22. indohan


    Mar 19, 2007
    To gather all the athletes they sponsored, does not matter if it's basketball, soccer, or golf, or even football.
    Have them make a difference to the world! They are the most popular people in the world.
    They are the most influential
  23. never wear them

    never wear them

    May 8, 2006
    I as a sneaker collector/wearing person i want something that will enlighten the room that once was dark. I miss that feeling when everyone stared at your shoes or they thought you were rich or when they thought you have a fetish with feet. I loved rocking basketball sneackers when i was young because if ever a game would come up i would run back home and put on some shorts. Nike has impressed me oncein a while but i want that 1 peace of cake that took me back to 3rd grade when i first kissed a girl.

    Read this and i know you or all of you will agree...
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  24. bp the owner

    bp the owner

    Dec 13, 2005
    The thing i would like to see Nike do is take more chances. I have, kind of, recently become bored with what has been produced in the basketball line. It is almost like basketball footwear is at a standstill while other areas continue to try and push forward. For the past month or so I have been following football and soccer cleats.

    It seems to me that soccer cleats are ahead of their time right now and it's because of risk taking. There are different materials being used that i have never heard of, and the overall look of the shoes are very futuristic.

    One example is the Mercurial SL. Pics just recently surfaced and I was left in aww. Here is a pic so you can see what i mean.

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