Nike Cosmic Unity - Nike's First Sustainable Basketball Sneaker (Retail $120-150)

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2/3 Update via Sneakernews

On the night of December 12th, mere weeks after winning an NBA championship inside the Disney World bubble, the Lakers were back on a basketball court in preparation of a new season. With the team’s stars resting for the night, the talk of that pre-season scrimmage was Anthony Davis’ new sneakers, a funky pair of Nikes called the Cosmic Unity. It seemed natural for readers to connect the dots between the offbeat name and an overhanging theme of solidarity, an urgent call given how global teamwork is the only real way to take steps forward in green efforts.

Cosmic Unity may have an unintended double-meaning, but it started off internally as a massive unified effort within the Nike production ecosystem. This collaboration across multiple focuses within Nike saw traditional footwear design team and color experts working experts in materials engineering to create performance-ready materials that integrate recycled materials. Much like the Space Hippie footwear, which cannibalized waste and transformed trash into exciting lifestyle footwear, the Cosmic Unity was created with 25% recycled material by weight, creating their first-ever sustainable basketball shoe.

The sole is where major jumps can be made. The full-length Zoom strobile rids of excess materials while maximizing response by allowing the player’s foot to directly touch the Zoom bag (the full-length Zoom strobile was introduced in the Nike KD 12). Crater Foam, a proprietary recycled foam with embedded bits of Nike Grind rubber, is used for the entire sole, but an even finer Grind was used specifically for basketball, simultaneously creating a grainier look. Finally, the rubber sole (the shoe’s heaviest component) is a thin web rubber to drive the weight down.

The Nike Cosmic Unity is just the latest in Nike’s sustainable efforts, but undoubtedly the most eye-catching thanks to lead designer Ross Klein. It’s a shoe made purposefully with green efforts and performance in mind, all while introducing a much-needed energy to basketball with one of the most uniquely dazzling sneakers yet. Alongside the launch “Green Glow” colorway is one the “Space Hippie” with the signature light blue and orange, and a third “Amalgam” the represents the view of planet Earth from outer space. The Nike Cosmic Unity will officially launch at retail in the “Green Glow” colorway on February 25th, 2021 for $120. The “Space Hippie” and “Amalgam” colorways will release later during the Spring/Summer 2021 season. See Nike’s official imagery below of the three colorways as well as basketball legend-in-the-making and sustainability advocate A’ja Wilson.
via Sneakernews


Despite sitting out the game, Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers still managed to pull in a highlight during the defending champion’s pre-season shootaround game against the Clippers. He debuted the Nike Cosmic Unity, an upcoming basketball shoe that is certainly unlike what we’ve seen from the brand in recent memory. There’s a kitchen sink of details in this shoe, which based on the name, implements some progressive concepts relating to the universe.

The exterior of the shoe features a warped netting, while similar wavy lines appear around the ankle collar. 3D spherical detailing are raised on the rounded orbs on the midsole, which we must say resemble the design of the Reebok Question. The bulging piece at the achilles is molded above the heel, but beyond aesthetics, it acts as a heel counter for stability. An enlarged Swoosh features a mix of colors that resemble something of a planetary surface. It is not entire clear what the cushioning package is considering the variety of cushions favored by Davis, although his penchant for the Kobe 5 Protro suggests a possible forefoot Zoom.

Perhaps the most interesting detail is the one that is least obvious. At the forefoot is some enigmatic lettering reading CMUBB, which we assume is a condensed form of Cosmic Unity Basketball.
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I kind of like the look, it’s how cheap the materials look/feel in person that will be the determining factor.


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This is the Nike we all love to see. Very interested in what they'll use for this. Could be React because of the open holes.
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I love the 90's vibe to em. Hopefully they release and arent over 150$
They could be just a prototype never to be seen again
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I always wish ivo’s had the swoosh lol

I’m copping. These color ways should be dope

should be lol
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I like that sole although it somehow reminds me some kind of old Reebok’s from 90’s...
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Wonder what the tech specs are going to be. Price is probably going to be 150-180 huh. Winning the championship didn’t help us lol.
those all black ones like 🔥
The green looking ones... not so much lol
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Just found this on an eu site:
  • Nike
  • Cosmic Unity
  • Natural / Natural - Total Orange - Green Glow
  • DA6725-100
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anything over 150 no thanks

but definitely looks like a cool, technical hoop shoe...

opposed to these super generic sig’s they have been putting out for KD, KY, and PG.

A new cushioning system would be 🔥
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On the EU site it says 150 euros. So they'll probably be 150$
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These fireee. I'm in. Wonder if they're gonna replace the hyperdunk. Loving the style.

Did love it more thinking it was new Kobe tho lol, not gonna lie.

Least they'll be cheaper and easier to bag
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