Nike Giannis Freak 6 - Roses slated for August 16, 2024

I like the rose petals hidden under the outer layer, but the actual rosebud graphics and vine on the top layer don't look great. I am guessing/hoping those bud graphics are just for this one specific color. Otherwise, I like the model. It looks like great options for colorblocking and a nice, clean design.
Would really like to see what other colors look like on it and know what the tech is.. I would imagine ZoomX combined with Zoom Air shouldn't be far off.
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Well maybe React and Zoom..? But moving past the 6 they should look to give him the setup similar to what's in the Pegasus Premium and move his line further up the scale of marketed products with LeBron on his way out.
That Pegasus Premium might cost $250 plus.

I think Cushlon 3.0 and some sort of Zoom will probably be the best Giannis gets.
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