Nike Griffey Air Max 1 "Emerald" project

Joined Aug 5, 2011
Hey Guys, Im planning on gettng the Griffeys coming out on the tenth, but I wanted to change the mid-sole to white, like in the Emerald PE.

I want to Change that Into:

What Supplies Would Be necessary? 

Would the Paint Chip?

Is It REALATIVLY Easy to Do? (I dont want to completely Ruin my Shoes.)

Thanks, Any Help is greatly Appreciated!
Joined Jun 10, 2011
I thnk its going to be difficult.because the sole on the PE
Is a white the release is black sole and both soles
Arent any type if paint.thats the actual color of the sole.So if
U were to attempt painting over it it wud b a fail bcuz tha paint
Or wutever material u use wud probably crack or chip away.An the
Only reason i say this is because i have a pair or griffeys
An after a while the sole starts to crack so imagine wut wud
Happen if there wuz paint or sum type of material on it.
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Got That gordon thanks, picked them up today. I actually like the black on them so I don't think im actually going to go through with this.
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I want to change the white on the bottom (above the airpockets)and paint them black
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if you do attempt it, paint one coat, let dry, wear the shoes around the house, add another coat, let dry, do a bit more walking (20 minutes or so), and do a final coat if necessary.
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