nike human chain commercial

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this could possibly be the best nike commercial ever. entertaining, captivating, and unique. great song choice as well. notice how the lyrics depict a story of toughness, character and resilience. the precise transitions from athlete to athlete and from sport to sport is spot on. excellent job nike!
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I'm a fan of the Jordan - Break to Build commercial myself, although I don't support Jordan brand
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I wonder is 'Page will start wearing the swoosh when he returns to MMA.

would be crazy. GSPs already with Under Armour...the big companies are trying to infiltrate MMA because they see the potential now.
Joined Jul 16, 2002
Yea it would be sick to see Rampage come in with Nike gear when he fights Evans.
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Originally Posted by cgutta

on a side not this song was my jam in fifa 08
, fifa stay having the hot playlists
can't agree more, im hooked on that major lazer song in fifa 10.

Joined May 11, 2006
^^^ hold the line by major lazer. it uses a mixture of sounds from phone ringing to a horse naying. completely random
, but that's major lazer for ya.
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