Nike in Xiamen, China

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Hi guys. Would like to ask if anyone knows what are the Nike basketball shoes available in Xiamen, kindly include the location of the stores as it will be myfirst time to visit Xiamen. Would also appreciate if anyone knows if China jersey or shorts are still available there. Thanks.
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you might wanna visit sm xiamen near xiamen airport, they got nice selections on the 2nd floor i think(am's ,dunks, sb's) as for basketball shoes sameas being sold here and only much pricier. ZKIV's cost almost 8k when converted into peso. Try buying their local brand, (lining, peak) para maiba kanmn
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try Zhong Shan Lu..(Zhong Shan St.)..Nike is in front of Adidas & Converse..Probably the biggest store in xiamen..It has 2 floors
I was there in 2007..Shoes are more expensive but you're in luck when they're on sale..
BTW: You can haggle..haha Kobe 2's were sold there for mine for 7.4k

hope this can help you
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whats your size? Xiamen aint a good place for peepz sz.12 and above.. only bigger sizes come in 10-11..are available in can check the local mallsthere like sm, walmart etc..and yeah zhong shan lu is also a good place..
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Originally Posted by pack888

Size 10.5, how about any china jersey or shorts? Available pa kaya?

i don't think so, those jerseys were released only in bigger markets like shanghai and beijing. what they said was right, go to shou san lu or in chinese(tiong san lu), but nikes there cost much more compared to the pi, i think its got something to do with their policies, having higher taxes and tariffs onimported products/brands to protect their local brands and companies like li ning, peak and the like.

last time i was there (around april), they still had the del sols and pop in almost a fsr but costs around 1400-1600 yuan. imo if your looking for kicks bettergo to HK, much cheaper and better selection.
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you may check ebay for China Olympics jersey or shorts, bought mine there lower than SRP, I have the Black limited jersey from Nike Park here, and the Whiteand Red both at eBay.

Shanghai's Nike Park is really big, been there last year, and the place is really great, I think the street is Nan Jing Lu, huge street of branded shopsfrom Li-Ning and Anta to Nike, Adidas and other big brands.
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