Nike & Jordan brand is still using Cardboard in there shoes?? SMH

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I bought the retro 8's on Saturday in my local mall, and then I remembered that I heard they had cardboard in the Jordans, I took a look and saw this photo here. What upsets me is I paid $170 for a cardboard foundation? I have some fakes of the same exact 8's that I got when I went to china in 2004 & they don't even have cardboard in the shoes! When do the fakes have better Quality than the retro authentic?  I hear the Jordan six has cardboard also and other J's. I just look at my 'vandal premium' and they have CARDBOARD ALSO SMH, what is going on here?

I don't like where Nike is going with this, do anyone have some OG 8's to see what they was using back in the days? If you guys don't understand whats the big deal... quality shoe supposed to have stitching around the soles anything that doesn't have this is made poorly. What do you guys think about your cardboard kicks?
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