Nike Kobe V video review

Joined May 7, 2006
                                                        first off.... my fault for being half*** with the review...

i dont do this type of stuff... i dont know why i opened my mouth. so here it goes. My Nike termonology aint up to par but work with me... lol

this review is just based off what i feel and what i feel for this shoe is just undescribable... lol. so you'll hear me hesitate and mumble a lot... and thats cuz i dont do stuff like this.

1st clip



again.... My fault for being quick with it and being so brief... the shoe is hard to explain lol
Joined Jul 6, 2008
hahaha great review. you had me confused the entire time, might wanna write down what you wanna say first before you make the final word lol. almost makes me wanna do a review to see how well i do.
Joined Jun 28, 2007
Haha nice review Edwin. You sounded nervous.
I would be too. lol But props on the review.
Joined Feb 1, 2006
NWT - I thought I loved them too but after your review I'm confused more than
Joined Sep 16, 2006
haha cool review NWT. I love my iv's performance wise, but I'm with you when you say they feel slow compared to the v's. That's just how crazy these v's are.
Joined Aug 25, 2008
I liked the review(s), they were real, unrehearsed and emotional....this shoe is confusing though...looking at it you wouldn't think that it would give you the performance it actually does when you play in them....

Good job Edwin...
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