Nike LeBron 18 *First Look*

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They really messed up. They shouldn’t have done a mismatch for those! :smh: Those Wile E. Coyotes would’ve easily been my favorite 18 cw.

Now, I think the Palmers take that title.
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I ordered from NDC but saw that DSG had them available for in store pickup so I ordered there too. They're super nice in person and fit TTS for me. It's too late to cancel my NDC order since they're already "Preparing Shipment" so I guess I'll have to return those when they arrive.


These on disco anywhere yet? Got my Lakers shorts coming up next week in the rotation:lol:
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I still think the Sylvester and Tweety pair works well hopefully not being mismatched. Lebron wearing that Roadrunner/Wile E Coyote pair on IG
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I really wouldn’t mind having to purchase two different pairs just to have a Wile E. match lol
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No hope for the 18 High

I wonder how they got the Low from the high because if they just added a mid ankle part to the Lows those would be so much better than the actual Highs :lol:
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