Nike Pegasus Trail shoe question

Jul 3, 2021
My wife has been wearing the Nike Pegasus road shoes for years. They work really well for her so she sticks with them. She’s decided to start hitting the trails with me and needs a shoe with better traction. Has anyone used the trail version of the Pegasus? If so, how is the fit and feel compared to the regular road version? Our favorite local running store doesn’t sell Nike so she’ll probably have to order them online.
Dec 8, 2018
You might try looking/posting in the Pegasus thread, lots of folks there with the Trail 2s, and at least one or two with the newer 3s.

Seems like they are great shoes with one key flaw — the wet traction is supposedly pretty sub-par, particularly on wet rocks. Dry seems to be fine from the reviews I’ve read, and folks really seem to like them for “road-to-trail” types of runs.

Good luck!
Apr 25, 2018
Past running on gravel roads, I wasn't a fan. Not sure why they call them pegasus trails when they are nothing like the road shoe. They are closer to a lugged version of the infinity run. They were too unstable on single track and uneven surfaces. Snow or wet? Forget it.
Jan 13, 2005
I will agree with Bo…very slippery jumping around and over tree roots, rocks, etc. not confidence inspiring at all. I rarely roll ankles and had one in the 2’s. If it’s low technicality like groomed trails they are fine.
Feb 27, 2018
I've run in the Trail 2 in dry conditions, mostly buffed out trails, and the traction is just OK. It's a comfortable, well-fitting, and good looking shoe, but if you're looking for traction, look outside the Nike lineup. Their entire line has traction issues.
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