Nike Purple pack?

Nov 19, 2000

I know there was a thread already created regarding the AM 1, however I was wondering if anyone had any info on the hybrid trainer and dunk low? I have seen the Dunk high in stores (Pasadena, CA), but I am wondering if anyone has spotted any of these elsewhere? An online spot would be ideal, any info fellas?
My spot got those last week actually and I went this weekend to scoop the highs... But once I got in store they were definitely not all they were cracked up to be (no pun intended) based on the pics of them I saw on here. The AM1's were nice, but I still can't get used to leather am1's. THe perforated leather toebox is actually not bad at all, but I wasn't feeling the all leather upper at all. Bring back mesh/felt AM's already!

IMO the dunk lows are the hottest of the pack (purple, peabled leather toebox kills it!), I almost copped a pair for myself and my girl actually (disclaimer: not to wear at the same time), but she owns a million purple kicks and those new Purple Vans Half Cabs were calling me, word to Chris Rock. I didn't see the hybrids, I'm sure they are hot but I just can't drop like $140 on a pair of dunks with a free outsole and strap no matter how hot they look. $100 and I'd be all over them though.
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I was hoping for some purple suede AM1s, but I found pics and they were just those. :tongue:
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Wow, no one told me how cheap the hybrids were going for on "the bay"... I was about to cop the lows but I still like those better. Good stuff.
"To my peeps who rep more D than 12 Eminems"
since no one is really answering your question, i found a few other sites for to hel you out.

well has them dunk trainers and has the dunk lo's and hi's. hope that helps.
I mean I just got the hybrids for $84 shipped from a super legit seller on ebay, and I've seen the low for $74 shipped from the same seller, as well as the highs for $94 shipped. So I would say as far as online goes scoop them on ebay while they are abundant for retail (well $4 over for the dunks and under for the trainers). Both sneakerhead and pys are going for more on all three shoes so I would say ebay is your best bet.
"To my peeps who rep more D than 12 Eminems" has the Purple Quake Dunk Hi's and the Purple Newsprint Dunk CL Lows.

They also have the purple am's, dunk trainer, etc. bunch of new stuff.
Are there any places where I can buy this in-store as opposed to online? If I can't, I'll just cop online but I'm just curious.
Thanks for the replies fellas, I checked out all of the sites you guys directed me to, but there are no size 7.5

Does anyone know where I can find a size 7.5? Thanks again guys
Any stores get the Dunk Hi's yet?
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i like the Air max 1s and the dunk trainers....
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Well I was able to get my Dunk Trainers and the Dunk Hi's. I wasn't feeling the AM 1's after seeing them in person and I have yet to see the dunk lows in person.
My spot has the am1get the's and the low top dunks for about 90 but they'll drop the price ..probly gonna get the low dunks eventually
scooped up my dunk Hi today from Journeys at Gwinnett Place Mall. I @#%$ love em :D
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What other stores other than Journeys are gonna have these?
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