Nike Shox VC V - sizing help

Jul 30, 2005
ey yo, i was wondering if they ran wide or narrow? i want a pair but i have never tried them on. do they run wide like the VC IV, or narrow like other shox, such as the shox elite tb? get at me
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they can feel narrow at first due to the elastic part on top of the laces. They should loosen up after a few wear though.

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I stuck with true to size & they felt fine.

The part on the laces wil lmake them feel tight at first, but the shoe in general takes a few wears to break in. After that you'll be fine. Best would go true to size though.
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VC Vs are narrow. Watch out for that.

Anyone have info on what he's going to be rocking for this year though? He's still in the Spotlights.

will he be doing up the Windmills?
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