Nike SNKRS App Thread (Early Access, Wins/Losses. Celebrate/Sob Together)

Joined Sep 10, 2012
Not sure if posted before or if in the right forum. Mods, please move or delete if needed.

Post your collection of wins (or losses if you want). Shoes you were lucky enough to only pay retail for. Compare win/loss ratio. Celebrate or 😢 together. Early Access passes given. Proxy if not wanted.
... or whatever SNKRS app related.

Recently looked at my past wins from the SNKRS app. Pretty happy with my dubs. Took L’s on all shoes I entered that were raffle entry only.

Last Early Access I got were for the Reverse Bred 1 Lows. Felt like everyone and their mother got that Early Access though. Haven’t gotten any good ones since the Win Like 96 Jordan 11’s.


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