nike speed TD vs. vapor jet td vs. nike super bad

Jul 6, 2004
In terms of performance, which football cleat do u guys think is best? I haven't tried either one, so I was wondering which one performs better. I'm a light guy (5'10, 140) who likes to cut a lot. I think the vapor jets will probably perform the best. Also, give specific details about the cleats if u can
WANTED: DS Retro XIVs size 9 or 9.5
If your a wide reciever the Vapors are the best ever.

Lightest cleats and really awesome.

Hard to find though
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they have a FSR on most colors for vapors on eastbay right now. they're a little more expensive than speed tds, but still only 100
WANTED: DS Retro XIVs size 9 or 9.5
vapor jets fit small for me.
im wearing a 10 in my cleats. ( zoom blade II D ) which somewhat heavy but REALLY REALLY good cleats.
they have full length zoom and a full dri-fit inner sock.

my friends vapor jets in a size 11 felt the exact same.
and they are super light.
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i use the 2k4 cleats...very light but not like vapors....same weight as super bads and great ankle support!!!
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