Nike Sportswear AM90 Premium

Joined Oct 11, 2007
At the recent Nike Sportswear launch in Beijing, among the upcoming showcases were a series of Air Max 90s. Display alongside re-designed styles of the classicAir Max 90 such as the Flywire AM90 and AM90 Current were a further preview of these Air Max 90 Premiums. Devoid of the technical innovation like thecontemporary Air Max styles, Fly Wire and Current, these Premiums aren't without their own merits as the quality constriction is marked by the use ofmultiple materials on the upper. The upper is comprised of rip-stop nylon, texturized rubber and felt on the toebox. Look for these to hit select Nikelifestyle dealers in the coming weeks. courtesy of Hypebeast
Joined Mar 25, 2006
The middle ones look interesting but none of them are worth buying still as once again the color used and the blocking look horrible. Just give me the OG meshmaterial (not really feeling the cotton toe on these either), felt upper, and a leather mudguard and I'm set. No wierd material, no outlandish colors,simplicity is key.
Joined Jul 9, 2007
first one is nice, would be better if they took the purple out and replaced it with the neon green, or the other way around....that paint is gonna chip so fastand look horrible anyways
Joined Sep 17, 2007
Doesn't anyone at nike know how to match colors together? These don't even make any sense?
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