Nike x Fear of God Collab - Official Thread (Air FOG 1 Amarillo/Yellow October Release? Oatmeal on 11/2)

Which color of the Air FOG 1 do you prefer?

  • Skylon II - Black

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  • Skylon II - White

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Joined Oct 25, 2006
I think people sleeping on Sails a bit.

kinda tempted to swap my sails for those oatmeal’s tho :blush:
If Sails ever hit sub $500 in size 9, I’d pull the trigger. Would gladly pay that over potential $800+ for oatmeals.
Joined Oct 19, 2004
From a visual perspective, IMO, Sail's are the best. They are absolutely beautiful in person.
But my favorite overall/to wear is the OG Black.

I'm looking forward to these Oatmeal's though.

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