Nike x Fear of God Collab - Official Thread (Air FOG 1 "Triple Black" April 25th)

Which color of the Air FOG 1 do you prefer?

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Joined Jul 20, 2012
I must have a high arch because my Raids are compressing my foot down, is there anything I can do, I mean it's almost unbearable. And it's right above the arch, I mean it's the perfect length just the height. I think I heard some I mention something about this earlier in the thread what are my alternatives, I don't wanna sell.
Joined Mar 7, 2019
I might have to do the same man. Been waiting to see if Nike would have a drop also but it's looking like a definite "no."
Yeah I was worried a restock wouldn't help and my odds would still be prohibitively expensive anyway. I even live close enough to LA to hit his new Fear of God installation opening next month. Entered every raffle for every 1 or shootaround release since the beginning and managed to take Ws at Bodega for the light bone SAs and DSM for the sail 1s so I've already been crazy fortunate. Buying the black and light bone 1s were just baby steps leading me up to this. :rofl: If the tan color is legit I'm gonna assume we have bright royal blue and hunter green left for this year.
Joined Mar 7, 2019
Man, SoleCollector is gonna get it once Jerry catches wind that they called them "Amarillo" and not "lakeshow yellow" or "Chicago sky". :lol:
Joined Aug 31, 2012
Every time I’m out in Portland we go to the Nike Employee store. Wasn’t expecting much because in the past they haven’t had much. This time they came thru.

Walk over to the clearance rack (always start there folks) and low and behold they got some collabs, including the FOG shooting shirt and trench coat. Came out to $123. Joint is huge. Got the XXL and it fits huge, the XL trench was huge too. Also got an Undercover track suit for the low. If you’re in the area and can get in, go. They also had the John Elliot Lebrons.


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