Nike x OFF-WHITE Collection Thread - “The 20” Collection

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Vapormax TTS, Presto 1/2 size large for me.

Prestos have more room on toe box, or a more relaxed fit.
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DSMLA isn't dropping any Off-White Nike sneakers for the grand opening. Nor will they stocking be Supreme. Read the IG comments from them in previous posts. Still though, ComplexCon is such a **** show, if you won the raffle there, you're better off going to DSMLA first.

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Those Black AM97s are growing on me. Esp after seeing that pic from the other member that bought both from SX. Think I’m going to need them along with the Mentas....but will wait and see if there will be a wider release before pulling the trigger. Set needs to be completed!
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I feel like vapormax and 97 both have similar aesthetics slim, smooth, detail on them both is fire, plus they have some subtle flex/pop to them

I’m still waiting for mine(black97s). Definitely getting those mentas but not at the price point it’s at right now
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97s or vapormax - clear that the 97 has the upper hand on durability and longevity right?
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I know the shoes are real from the event but the fact that FC would even accept them is whats crazy
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The OG Vapormax looks better than any of the AM97s IMO... I think Virgil needs to start utilizing the textile colour blocking like the SW 97s. Or even the AM90s. It is all preference though. I personally love the stitched swoosh on the VMs (and Prestos, 90s, Zoomflys, ect). It just feels more like a deconstructed shoe whereas I feel the 97s are the most like their GR counter parts. But both are beautiful and you can't really go wrong either way. Except for the all white Vapormaxes.
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