Nike Zoom Kobe IV PROTRO Feb 2019

Now that the ZK IV DO NOT have full length zoom, will you still cop?

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I must be crazy/dense
The same shot by two different people, one went in the other didn’t.
How is this even up for debate, why am I wasting my time? But let’s hash this out cause we both don’t want to be wrong.
I think the main difference is Kyrie’s was an iso. So he was able to know when it was time to let it fly.

Curry was in desperation and didn’t have time to think
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Ehh it’s not like Kyrie had a ton of time on the clock either. I was just coming with a perspective that the man was cold from the field all 4th quarter and clanked every three he took during that stretch. I don’t think a falling towards the baseline 3 had to be the shot. Especially when he showed he wasn’t in rhythm. Prolific shooters can shoot from anywhere on the floor, and they were playing man for that possession and not bob and one. He had his best opportunity then to work toward the basket. Maybe it’s as much on Kerr for the play that was called.
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A good shot that doesn't go in is still a good shot. No player shoots 100% even wide open. A bad shot that is either missed or made, is still a bad shot. If the bad shot goes in it doesn't get criticized as much (or at all).

The issue is trying to determine what is a "bad" shot. A bad shot for player "X" isn't a bad shot for player "Y". Follow the same logic for a "good' shot. I don't think Curry took a bad shot, I just didn't agree with the shot in the situation. They did not need 3.

Long story short...….I rocked the Carpe Diems today and man.....I love them. I still cant decide if I like them or the POP better
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I really hope that Draft Day gets discounted soon. I just want to complete the trio before I take a break from buying sneakers.
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Y’all need to watch an nba practice or a shoot around. Unguarded those dude drop it in like it’s a kids game. Dudes you don’t even think shoots 3’s drop them in like it’s nothing. Was watching Steve Nash warm up and he hit 30 something in a row. Really is amazing and shuts a lot of “I can play in the nba too” guys up. They’re on a different level
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Yeah I admit, bad example. Watched Westbrook hit about 19 out of 20 this season too during a pregame shoot around. During the game he was about 2-18 lol. Point is these dudes playing a different game than a normal person. They’re playing chuckecheese games
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The CDs are just below the protro 1 and kyrie 4 in my rotation. Cushioning is not bad, it's soft, but wish it was more bouncy and responsive. Would cop more even at $175 but only if really feeling the colorway. Olympics are a pass.
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My free Carpe Diem pair from DSG is supposed to come in today. Let's see if it happens. I'm debating whether I should keep both pairs or not. Still full size runs of these everywhere. They will probably hit that $100 and additional 30% off at outlets.
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So SNKRS sent me a BS B grade pair of Carpe Diems. I arrange an exchange and made sure they would hold my size 15 for me to return to me. Days go by....not a word from them. Just found out they have no more 15's and they pretty much told me to fly a kite. I would have bought another GD pair if the rep had told me they weren't holding them for me like she said she would. Their remedy....10% OFF code....Really....10%????? I asked to speak to someone else and 10% is all they are willing to give me. Maybe buying 20 plus pairs of shoes a year from them means nothing. Irritated AF right. Waited 10 years for those damn things. Straight fuming! :angry:
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