Nike Zoom Kobe IV PROTRO Feb 2019

Now that the ZK IV DO NOT have full length zoom, will you still cop?

  • Yes

    Votes: 103 52.0%
  • No

    Votes: 95 48.0%

  • Total voters
Joined Dec 13, 2018
Maybe, but doesn't make it the right thing to do in this instance. Just my opinion though.
They forged this country on dead bodies, without giving a damn. People seem to be selective about their so called morals around here. If there were someone offering me a crap load of money for a material item, a material item because it means more to them than it does me? I am getting that money.
Joined Apr 29, 2016
I mean it supply/demand. His death has created a massive influx of demand. If people are willing to spend extra for Kobe merch they should be able to do so.
Joined Dec 13, 2018
can you pm me the spot?. Gonna have to try and sneak out of work tomm if they still have them.
More than one has a few along the strip. I do not know the sizes. Jamaica ave in Queens had a bunch as of yesterday evening as well.
Joined Dec 13, 2018
Slim to no chance I make it before the weekend to check random spots for to see if they have my sz. People probably buying out stock as I type
I guess, but it isn't like they were selling in the first place, especially here in NYC. However, this is an Elvis type situation here.
Joined Mar 12, 2012
passed on carpe diem at retail for weeks because I was convinced they would drop, and I had a GC. Im sick. I also sold a few kobes over the past year or so, along with other stuff (Jordans, etc). been shrinking the collection as I just don't have the opportunity to wear kicks like i used to as i get older - especially very basketball looking shoes, that don't pair up well with work type clothing. Even sold my favorite kobe 2s maybe 2/3 months ago. as a bigger guy, those were my favorite ball shoes, the strap was great for extra support. Just don't make the time to ball like i used to, being older in age (38 now), with a daughter.

Obviously hindsight is 2020, and i was shrinking the collection for good reasons (more space, saving for house, bankrolling my kids activities like swim), but it still hurts like crazy. This hit me hard, especially having a daughter, i'm sure my girl dads can relate. The shoes (and some shirts, hoodies, and jerseys) were a connection to Kobe. Lucky to still have 4 pairs, including the ones i'm wearing today. I will be wearing them all over the course of the week. Its been cool to spot Kobe's on feet here in NYC this week, feeling a small bit of connection to others going through it as well. Had a few conversations that helped, a few head nods of respect in passing. Still processing it all, glad to have some outlets like this one, to do some reminiscing. Long live the Mamba.
Joined Aug 22, 2013
I sold a ton of Kobes within the past couple months. No regrets, I have so many Kobes (forget sneakers in general) to choose from still. I'd like to think the people that bought them are enjoying them, though. I don't think I sold a single one for a "profit." I'm getting older, running out of space, and getting tired of the growing number of weekly releases.

I just hope Nike lays low, lets the emotions level out, and returns to selling Kobes. They're great sneakers. I'm still very much planning on bankrupting myself on Protro 6s.
Joined Dec 17, 2013
Wish I could have one pair of Kobe’s. Had to get rid of the Green IV’s a month ago because I needed a half size smaller. Now I’m SOL
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