Nike Zoom Kobe V PROTRO - Dec 2019

Joined Oct 14, 2012
I actually like the non-OG pair. Has some off court appeal. Tough to casually rock a pair of Bruce Lee’s, but they are so pretty.
Joined Aug 3, 2013
Yeah you know what, they probably still have to get things sorted out with these Kobe releases but they just upload the pics as it would have normally coincided with each shoe’s respective releases. Like before Kobe’s unfortunate passing, they were originally gonna release these around this time which is why we are getting these pics. I hope I’m wrong though, would love a chance at retail for the Bruce Lee’s.
Joined Jul 17, 2010
Definitely need that BL Protro. Let me OG beat up BL 5s go last year for a buck, it was time though. Still one of my all-time favorite Kobe’s to rock.
Joined Aug 13, 2000
I assume you mean the actual Kobe XI Elite low...depending on the size, $300 is fair IMO
Id say thats about right, somewhere between 3-5 on a high end. Passed on them at release but over the years have grown on me a bit. The Vs i can see but 11s shouldnt have maintenance issues this early.
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