Nike Zoom Kobe V PROTRO - Dec 2019

Joined Jul 1, 2014
I only want the zebras because I can't get anything else

pathetic ill still strike out
Right?.. I keep telling myself this is a nice pair but its only decent... I only want it because I've struck out on all the 5s on mamba week...
Joined Dec 26, 2019
So the damn chaos 6s get a summer 2021 release confirmation.... but we here in sept 2020 with no damn release date for BL STILL???!
Joined Dec 26, 2019
If it ain’t coming from Nike then it’s just rumors...
True.. but I asked my DM who im close with & he knows few people he's never been wrong everytime I ask him about rumors...Told me that's its true along with 4 other colors of VIs. 13 years in ftl he's never gave me false hope lol


formerly jman219
Joined May 2, 2010
Demar Zebras are hideous, but I'll be going for them as a consolation for mamba week. If I hit I wonder if the Zebras will show up before the pack even ships...
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