Nike Zoom Kobe V PROTRO - Dec 2019


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If some places got the BL why is there no release date yet?
probably holding off to maximize hype. you drop them too soon the zebras & PJ’s sit or don’t do as well.

drop them during the finals or if the lakers win a chip (for kobe) they gonna self market themselves and hype gonna be at an all time high because all eyes are on LA and that shoe instead on BL instead of 3 different shoes.

hell maybe they drop them after PJ’s drop

hope they drop both BL’s at the same time. make some choose which one to go for first (Yellow > White )


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all i want are 5 rings and OG Bruce Lee's. I dont care about anything else at this point.
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I’m hoping to hit on the PJ’s to help me ease the pain on the BL’s for a trade and some cash. It’s sad that I have to have this mentality and not even having a shot for them at retail lol
Joined Dec 9, 2017
So that’s the only reason you're going after PJs SMH 🤦‍♂️

The shoe game is so annoying
It is annoying what it has become. Idk anyone’s financial situation, but let’s say these end up being resell at $7-800 would I drop that much out of pocket? There’s no way.! So I gotta take a different route in attaining something I really want. Whether it’s that way or selling other shoes.
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Also bruce lees are for sure dropping
AD was rocking em in Game 2
I got money on the Lakers and im buying all of Kobe and Lebrons in the Laker colorway
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