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Wait, what are y'all talking about? The entire blue upper part is either suede on some pairs or leather on another? Hmmm...if so then that's interesting. What was it on the OG's? And can we get some DETAILED pics?

Thierry Henry

formerly louislagerfeld
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Someone in here has the OG pair and they were def suede. I'm not on my laptop so I can't go back some pages to find it.
Joined Aug 11, 2001

Here's a convo I just had with my bro. Well these shoes just keep getting more and more mysterious lol. Can't wait to see what material I get in. I DON'T WANT MISMATCHED PAIRS, but if I get one I may try and track down the other.

P.S. His pair came from SNS...
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I don’t really understand how Nike lets pairs get mismatched... but then again Nike has been messing up a lot of stuff lately
Joined Dec 14, 2004
I don’t know the last time something like this happened. I’d be mad as **** if I got the leather pair. My pair will be suede when they hit the US.
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Mine are suede uppers and came from StockX but were shipped from England. Honestly prefer the suede over the leather.
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