Nike Zoom LeBron 5 Black/White-Varsity Crimson First Look

Feb 9, 2006
Full preview of the Nike Zoom V LeBron in Black/White-Varsity Crimson-Black. You can see more pictures at:

Sneakerfiles - Nike Zoom LeBron 5 Black/White-Varsity Crimson
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i liked them up to this point, but the sole is terrible... i was not expecting that.
whooaa, two things that have become clear:

1) theres more foamposite than i first thought (toes and heel bucket it looks like)
2) these are not nearly as boring as they were starting to look (see A: wild material and B: for better or worse, the sole

i was gonna buy these from the beginning cuz they're lebrons, but now i actually want to buy them. wait about 3 months and so will everyone else, these are looking very nice.
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better than the kobe III's IMO
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Not bad. But that outsole looks like the traction's gonna be bad.
Ok, these look much better than I first thought. They're still not on the same level as the II's or the IV's, but definitely not bad.

They just need to release the right colorways for these to score big.

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I like them, but I do hope that this is not the 1st color Nike releases. And if it is, this shoe needs more red in it.
too frightened to try and top the IV
Looking for DS size 11.5 or 12:
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now this is what i'm talkin bout for a sig shoe! way better than the earlier pics, i hope that gold stuff is lasering, glitter? please dont put glitter on a shoe
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first the kobe 3s and now the lebron 5s NIKE????
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definitely better than the kobe 3....i liked the first pictures but i like these way more than the original black/white/crimson colorway pics posted. will be joining my lebron collection in november for sure.
aint too bad...bottom kinda looks like poo, i like it though....reminds me of the soldiers
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Very nice, but the sole is very unexpected.

I agree though.. if it is the "signature" first colourway, it needs at least a bit more red.
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