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Dec 12, 2005
This post has been on my mind for quite some time. The thought originated while trying to decide on a pair of shoes that I can just throw on and go with, holding comfort in mind as the number one priority. So, leaving shoes from the hardwood out of the equation, what shoe(s) do you guys think make the list of Nike's most comfortable offerings, past and present?

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Im gonna go with the prestos

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I've heard Prestos are nice...

from personal experience, I'll start with

Zoom Spiridon:

Free 5.0:
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Well, I could not say Nike since I have only owned a couple pair, most recently the LBJ IV's. For me, the most comfy shoe I have ever worn was the Jumpman Trifecta...

The insole was WOW!
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It's a tough ??? but for me the AM360 runner and BB

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prestos, kukunis, am95's for moi.
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Imma be average Joe and say Dunk Hi SB. Also Air Stabs are so comfortable too.
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some dunk SB's are comfortable, depending on material I think
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Nike Shox BB4s too me.
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Nike Free 5.0 V1 or Air Max 360.
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