NikeTalk celebrates 1 year on the Huddler platform

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    Dec 9, 1999
    Longtime NikeTalk members know that the our community's "anniversary" is celebrated on December 9th, the date we first opened to the public in 1999 on the now defunct "ezboard" platform.  It was on July 18th of last year, however, that NikeTalk officially relaunched on the vastly superior Huddler platform.  It's sort of our version of Independence Day.  

    The relaunch itself came to some of you as a shock.  Others considered it long over due given the dilapidated state of our former platform.  The move itself represented a massive undertaking on behalf of both our staff and the team at Huddler.  At one point, in the day preceding and following launch, I worked for over 40 consecutive hours without sleep, trying to make everything go as smoothly as possible.  I'm sure several people on Huddler's team can recall similar experiences.  Ours was easily the most exhausting and challenging migration Huddler has ever performed.  They worked tirelessly to make our current site possible.  We undertook all of this together with the shared goal of ensuring a better future for the NikeTalk community, and I hope you'll agree that it's been well worth the effort. 

    It's been a tremendous adjustment for us, and for many of you, too.  We're truly grateful for your patience.

    In the months following launch, a host of new features has been added to the site, none more significant than the fantastic mobile platform introduced this fall.  In all, NikeTalk's underlying software has been updated on an almost bi-weekly basis, all with minimal service interruptions.  (Indeed, the only Wizards we associate with ineptitude and failure these days play for my beloved hometown - and even they're getting better.) 

    Scenes like this one are now, mercifully, a thing of the past:

    Of all the upgrades we've made, the improvement I'm most pleased with is one that users typically don't associate with the platform itself:  it just works.  At its best, forum software and hosting aren't blowing you away with gimmicks and features.  They don't demand your attention or occupy the foreground.  They simply fade away and allow you to interact with people from all over the world who share similar interests.  That's online community at its best.

    After Game 6 of this year's NBA Finals (a dramatic overtime game, as many of you recall), a single user approached me via private message just to let me know how pleased he was to see the site running smoothly throughout the entire game.  Not once, in all the strain of hundreds of simultaneous users gathering to discuss the NBA Finals, a midnight online sneaker release, or a breaking news story, had our forums struggled to keep up, as the old site did.  It just worked the way it was supposed to.  It allowed him to participate in a fast-moving conversation about an NBA game in progress with scores of other fans from around the world.  They weren't waiting for the site to load or for the system to finally process their new posts.  The barriers of distance and interface dissolved, allowing each person to simply enjoy a lively conversation between fellow basketball fans. 

    Jerry Krause, the general manager of the Chicago Bulls during most of the Michael Jordan era, once famously argued that "players don't win championships; organizations win championships."  Fittingly, Krause hasn't sniffed a title since Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen left the team.  He retired in 2003 with all his rings, all his successes, popularly attributed to the greatness of a player he never even drafted.

    Communities are comprised of people, not property.   You proved that quite definitively last year, after our former hosts shamelessly seized and rebranded our old forums, thinking, perhaps, that they could retain your loyalty and participation through some combination of ignorance and momentum.  Personal loyalties, however, meaningful loyalties, are earned, not inherited or acquired through leveraged buyouts.  It's always been people, not products, that have made NikeTalk worthwhile.  More important than servers or software, the very best improvement our transition to Huddler has brought us over the past year is the opportunity to add the people at Huddler, who care so much about empowering online communities, to the NikeTalk family.

    I believe our community is in a much, much better place today than we were before our move one year ago.  For that, I hope you'll join me in thanking the people at Huddler, as well as the amazing team here at NikeTalk, for all their hard work.

    Most importantly:  THANK YOU for your continued support.  NikeTalk could not move if we did not move TOGETHER.  We'll do our best to honor your trust and loyalty. 

    It's been years since I last laced up a pair of Air Jordans, yet there's no community I'd rather serve and none that will ever feel more like home.
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    First. P4L
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    May 18, 2013
    why dont u wear jordans anymore?
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    Dec 9, 1999
    In looking back at the previous year, I think now is also an appropriate time to finally announce the donation of $9,203 to the See Forever Foundation, which operates Maya Angelou Schools:

    This donation was actually made some time ago and represented our very last act of business with our former hosting company, but between all the chaos of relaunch and the time spent waiting for it to finally get done, I didn't get the chance to announce it at the time and we didn't want it to be buried beneath new developments like our series of user-selected loans and the completion of the preschool in Sri Lanka we sponsored through Room to Read.  

    I thought I'd take the time now, before we announce a new donation, to give this one the attention it deserves, as the See Forever Foundation truly does vital and amazing work.

    For those who don't know, the See Forever Foundation has established a number of innovative schools designed to help scholars in lower-income communities achieve their dreams and unlock their full academic potential.  
    Their work with incarcerated students, in particular, has garnered national attention and accolades. 

    If you have a moment, please check out this NBC News feature on the Maya Angelou Academy at the New Beginnings Youth Development Center:

    It's a tremendously important cause and one I truly hope we'll have the opportunity to support again in the future. 

    Please look forward to new community donations in the weeks and months ahead.  Thanks to you, our friends at Huddler, and our community sponsors, we look forward to making this coming year even better.  
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    No more time traveling or that stupid wizard!

    Huddler :pimp:
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    nt x huddler fitted

    pls respond
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    well done :smokin
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    You're welcome :smokin thank you and Huddler.

    My account is a year old today too :smokin
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    it all worked out

    so when are we getting another nt fitted
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    Happy Anniversary. I have always loved this platform.
    Joined during ez board era and was sad to see it go. And after we went to Yuku it made me miss ez board even more.
    But now I think that even though we dont have a wait period, not srs, I think NT has a great home with Huddler
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    Wow a year already.Niketalk is so much better on huddler, I defiantly appreciate what you Meth and Huddler has done for Niketalk.
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    1 year already? Jeeeeeez time flies

    Btw whos the person in meths avy? Someone from GI joe?
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    good lookin out meth. much thanks to the people here at huddler

    you guys get me thru the work week :pimp:
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    If you don't know by now meth is a HUGE spiderman fan. I believe he's from spiderman if im not mistaken .
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    Damn a year went by quick
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    You're trippin. Thats Shredder from TMNT. Anyways, Damb its been a while since I seen the silhouette of that flamboyant magician. Wow, time flies by so fast...
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    It's Cobra commander from GI joe
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    Damn you right ! Now I remembered I was getting dude mixed up with this other cat from spiderman Mysterio. It is shredder.
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