NikeTalk Census 2011 - Results coming soon!

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In an effort to not only identify who we are as a community but to remain aware of how we change over time, we are conducting the second NikeTalk Census which will be carried out beginning July 31 and concluding on August 14, 2011.  Participation is voluntary and information collected will be used only for the purposes of this project.  After the survey period is closed, results will be tabulated and shared with NikeTalk in report form, much like it was following the 2009 Census (link to previous census results here), and never shared with any outside parties.  Several hundred people participated in the 2009 survey which gave us an initial peek into who we are.  As people change and the NikeTalk community grows, it is important to remain aware of who we are, both individually and and as a group, and also the broad span of the community itself so that we can more meaningfully interact with one another and benefit from our diversity.  Your participation in this refined survey will better allow us to do just that.  In order to provide accurate information, it is important that you fill out the survey only once and that you are truthful in your responses.  Thank you all very much for your participation.

Results are being tabulated and will be posted in the coming weeks.  Thank you all for your patience.



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nah bruh, you aint collecting my info & giving it to da feds. I see what kinda game you playing officer.
filled it out
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nice job.

the questions are to the point and easy to respond to... i hope everyone takes 3 minutes to fill this out. should be interesting.
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