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Nelson C

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Dec 7, 1999
To those of you who reach Niketalk thru the address, you'll now notice that the NameZero Ad bar is gone, I've renewed the "niketalk" domain name, we've got big plans for NikeTalk in the near future and the first step towards that is keeping and retaining ownership of the name we built up.
Thats a bunch Nelson C, even though i don't come in through
Don't worry all shoes crease!
Much props to you Nelson C and Spike too
Air Jordan. It's all in the imagination

Thank you! Come again!
Thanks a ton!
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Tight, this is alot better. Thanx Nelson
[table][td]WORLD [/td][td]WIDE[/td][td] MOB [/td][td]FIGGA[/td][/table]
thanks cuzin

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thats good, i dont come thru anymore either cuz of the ads and the bottom frame i used to use the address but i'll update my bookmarks now
[h4] And now your 2002 NBA Champions: The Dallas Mavericks!!! And now a word from MVP Mike Finley [color=ff00ff]Yea Mike Jordan tried to stop me but at the end of the day, everyone wants to be like Mike... Finley! Congrats to All Star PF Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash who lead the league in assists and their supporting cast of Wang ZhiZhi, Eduardo Najero, Shawn Bradley, and to [free agent defensive guard here who has not yet signed] for shutting Kobe down then doing the same to Iverson[/color][/h4][/td][/tr][/table]
Ms. Cleo told me
Oh yeah Nelson, better than ever. What's next? Free kicks on our birthdays? :wink:

Episode 1:​
"And they came from the sky..."​
Part One of Two​
It was a cold winter's day when the dame walked into my office. I worked as a private eye after my food seller's license was revoked for selling fake visa's to illegal aliens from my hot dog stand. That, and somebody tasted egg shells when they bit into my Big n' Nasty hot dog (Why do they think I call it called that?) and threatened to sue.​
"I hear you're the one that could solve my problems," she said in a sultry voice, and a bosom full of love to go with it. "Maybe, maybe not. Well, my brother was just killed, and the killer left instructions to his hideout, but I can't read. Woe is me." "Hold on, toots, we'll work something out." It seemed she was more sad she couldn't read than the fact her brother just died."Let's go get your brother," I suggested. "Is that your Impala outside?" "Yeah, but we ain't getting blood on the fresh leather seats.""I don't know where he is," the killer slapped me and ran away, after reading me the instructions, but I can't remember anything." "Whatever, I said." "Lemme get my hound and we can sniff him out.""How will you do that from a car, she inquired." "I'll hold him by a leash from out the window. He's pretty healthy, aren't you Zeke?" "Main you betta gon' with that. I ain't no punk like yo' otha dogs, I'll beat you down like yo' mama! A brotha cain't even get any sleep round hea'."​
"He's a creative dog, he just has his Du-Rag on too tight now, I told her." We got in the car and I decided to push 50 on the street, because it was almost daylight and I was tired as a mug. Zeke was running like crazy, because he would of died if he didn't...​
To be continued...
Next: "And they came from the sky..."Part Two of Two​
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Nelson C!! I've been trying to contact you, please email me at

there should be an email from me in your mailbox already
[h2]If I don't get your joke the first time, give me hints[/h2][table]"92% of the girls at UCLA are sexually active, 92% yo! That means 92% of the girls walkin around goin 'class or sex, what shall I do today?' "[/table]
I can dig it.

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...What Exactly Are Your "Big Plans" For Nike Talk In The Near Future?...
Come Flame Me And View The Pic Post At Groundzero
shut up unbreakabie.

anyway thanks a ton nelson c. i remember when i used to hop on NT that freakin add for netzero or something would be at the bottom.
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you da man

Remember, the best thing for cleaning shoes, is not to get them dirty. But don't go telling everybody.

Keep it up NelsonC. You and the other administrators and moderators are doing a good job.

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To all the Admins and Mods thanks for all of your hard work. All of you put a lot of effort into a site that you don't even get paid for. Niketalk is becoming better then ever.
Clippers - NBA champions in at least the next 3 years.

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