NikeTalk Donates $2,553 to the American Cancer Society

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Dec 8, 1999
This past April, NikeTalk donated $2,553 to the American Cancer Society:


In our ongoing conversations with you, our fellow members, about our charitable outreach efforts, it became increasingly clear that we, as a community, ought to support the important work of nonprofit agencies like the ACS in the fight against cancer.

I believe we would be hard pressed to find anyone in this community whose life has not been touched in some way by cancer. I have a grandfather whom I'll never meet as a result of lung cancer. This August, a very, very dear member of my immediate family passed on due to cancer. Many of us have stories like this; if not losses within our own families, we share the pain of our friends and colleagues. Given that cancer unites us in this way, it is essential that we move with purpose toward our common cause and offer a collective sacrifice. $2,553 may not be much, but it does represent one month's hard work from all of us here at NikeTalk and a gift from our 50,000+ members and 80,000+ daily unique visitors from over 100 countries around the world.

Thank you very much for your important role in our donation.


our last donation announcement.

There's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes in order to make a donation of this sort. None of the money we earn from advertising ever crosses our palms. In order to make a donation, we have to arrange it with ezboard. Over the past year, dealing with ezboard has just been a nightmare in this regard. At one point, the office manager, who'd been tasked with arranging the donations, left the company. We didn't even find out about it until, after weeks of sending email with no response, I finally asked the CEO and CTO about it.

At first, we wanted to announce our donations in chronological order. So, sometimes months would pass between the time we made one donation to the time the next donation would actually become official. Once we were forced to announce certain donations out of sequence, since the international donations in particular (like our donation to Gawad Kalinga, a charity in the Philippines) took MONTHS to finally resolve, a few donations were lost in the shuffle. This donation is one of them. We'll steadily announce the rest over the next couple of months and I'll be sure to provide a breakdown for everyone at the end of the year so that you're able to see where our earnings went.

Thankfully, ezboard is now being run by a new management team. The previous CEO had NO prior experience in this industry. His background was in "infomercials." We're very confident in the new group, though, and not only do we expect their experience to shine through in the swift, professional facilitation of our regular charitable donations, but in the way they approach the development and service of the ezboard/yuku platforms as well. The difference, from my perspective, has been night and day and I hope that your experiences with ezboard from the user end will improve measurably as well.
wow thats great i donate a few buck every year myself because im a cancer survivor from lymphoma props nt

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yayyy. i was wondering what happened
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Tite Work Meth & Staff, I lobbied for ACS when you first introduced the caritable donations.

Click the link in my sig to help some more
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you guys did the right thing.

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Sister-in-Law's father just passed due to lung cancer.

This kind of thing makes me proud to be an Nt'er.

Great stuff guys. I choked up reading this. My father and wife are both cancer survivors. Thanks guys...
Method if i may give my two cents, any chance the next donation will be to an environmental cause?
But the thing is, nothing really matters.
Method if i may give my two cents, any chance the next donation will be to an environmental cause?

Everyone is welcome to offer suggestions at any time, either via post or by sending us a message. We appreciate suggestions like yours, they help us get a sense of what's important to our fellow members.

We try to make sure that our community's donations represent a wide array of important causes and I think it's only a matter of time before a donation is made to an environmental organization.

That said, often times we have to plan future donations several weeks or even months in advance. So, suggestions made today may not actually materialize until later on.

We have two major donation projects in the works right now:

One is participatory. You guys will have a direct, democratic say in determining where the money goes.

The other will be the single largest donation in the history of NikeTalk. It's still coming together, so I can't say much about it, but we're hoping that it will be significant in terms of scale and impact. Instead of one month's revenue, this particular donation will combine basically everything that ezboard hasn't yet paid out.

I'm eager to share those donations with you, but it'll have to wait until everything has been finalized.
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