Niketalk, Help Me Bust This Scammer vol. I have all the info/ fake check scam (new info)

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I'd take it downtown to the Police Station myself, but 1 I don't think they care and 2 I might have a warrant due to this situation I keep forgetting to handle.

Long story short, got an email about wrapping the whip to get some extra $. Sounds like easy money, it's tough out here, just had to put my youngest in day care so pockets looking a little malnourished. So I responded and filled out a form online or something.

Got a package fedex'd to me with what is likely a fake check and the instructions. But the thing is, he overnight'd it using Fedex and printed his own label so a account would obviously be tied to a person or maybe organization as the return address shows Bell Steel Company 8788 Paul Starr DrPensacola, Florida (850) 479- 2980 which matches the Googles. But fedEx tracking shows it was sent from Memphis TN at 10:42

Check is from Fortera Federal Credit Union (but also stamped Fort Campbell Federal Credit Union) and has a return address of Edward C Milhouse, 37 Elaine Dr, Clarksville, TN 37042 and the phone number of the person is (323) 380 3711 and they're claiming to be Jimmy Liao, Auto Wrap Manager and actively responding to text messages as long as I make it seem like I am falling for it.
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I called the company and they had me call their admin department but she sounded like she was faking it and probably thought I was trying to scam her. I was like just check your fedex account. Could also audit if any former employees still have access to it or the company credit card.

Called Fortera Credit Union too and they said they'd call me back.
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Damn I see why he scamming.Hopefully he's gonna take the $2850 and get some of them trees chopped down before they fall on his trailor or crossover SUV.
Gary Elliott
3111 W Young,
Show Low, Az 85901 is where he said to mail a check

Called Show Low police she told me they won't do nothing since the crime is taking place at my location.
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Jimmy Liao ain't a name I'm trying to play wit. **** around and get wet up by 2 exotic women on a motorbike.


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How do you get scammed in this situation? Once you deposit the check they get all your info or something

or there’s just an ad on your car for free :lol:
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I called the Young Low (Arizona) police and she was just reaching for reasons now to care, finally she settled on well if you're in Oklahoma its an Oklahoka crime so call your local P.D. They'll reach out to us. I'll file your report under tips
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That 323 area code is for a number here in Los Angeles. If that phone number is connected to an addy in LA, I'll pull up..
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I assume it is a google voice or app number. What we do know is the parcel with the check was dropped off by someone in Memphis at 10:42pm Monday and they are telling me to send it to this address in Show Low, Az trailer park so someone who is on it is there.

But looks like nobody from all these involved to fedex, the bank on the check, the companys whose return address and fedex account was used, even 12 in the city the scammers reside in, cares enough so I'm going to have go all [insert every police movie ever] and solve the case myself


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just text the guy you cashed it with a phony account and you're keeping it.
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It amazes me to think all these scammers go all out to scam, yet don't protect themselves from being tracked lol.
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