Niketalk how do you store/display your shoes in your closet?

Joined May 25, 2001
No pics because I am at work now, but the neatly positioned side by side on the floor thing isn't working for me anymore since it's taking up all the floor space in my walk in. I need a rack of some kind, somebody even recommended to me like an armoire or cheap media cabinet, but all the ones I see at Wal Mart are definitely made for women's shoes, not sz 13s. I probably have 40 pair.
Joined May 25, 2001
I don't collect. I wear mine. I still have 10 on deck NIB that I just haven't decided the occassion was right to introduce them into the rotation (mostly different AF1s). I guessed off the top of my head, probably get home and find out 40 was wya generous andit's closer to 20. The still DS ones can just chill on the top built in shelf in the boxes until I decide to eBay them or wear them or whatever I decide.
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some are stacked in the closet and on the above shelf, some are under my bed and the ones in my rotation are usually stacked in a corner of my bedroom. all kept in their boxes. hate leaving shoes lying around,
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:lol: Knew the Ninja pic would come up!

I remember KSteezy posting his Ikea set up for his shoes. It was :smokin
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I got boxes spread out over 2 closets, a garage, and a bedroom. Currently trying to downsize to 1 closet.
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