Niketalk, is this true about the U.S. Penny? (slave related)

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My boy was telling me at school today that the reason Lincoln is facing the other way is because he helped to free the slaves, while all theothers turned their backs on slavery.

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I believe it was Lincoln who, upon being accused of being two-faced, said, " If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?"


The photograph of Lincoln is from the Library of Congress and was taken February 9, 1864, in Mathew Brady's Washington studio. The actual photographer wasAnthony Berger. This is the profile Brenner chose for the penny. His choice was approved by President Theodore Roosevelt. The photograph which adorns our $5bill was also taken on that same date.

The likeness of President Lincoln on the penny is an adaption of a plaque executed by Victor David Brenner, an outstanding portraitist and sculptor. PresidentTheodore Roosevelt was so impressed with Mr. Brenner's design of a Lincoln plaque that he recommended to the Secretary of the Treasury that the design beplaced on a coin to be issued in the Lincoln Centennial Year, 1909.

The direction that Lincoln faces on the cent was not mandated -- this was simply the choice of the designer
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ohhh..i thought it was gonna have to do with the color of the coin (brown)

Interesting though
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I don't know what pennies look like because all I have are Ben Franks.
(post the pic with diddy and the money)
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