NikeTalk Members - Gather Around - Please, I Need The Biggest Favor/Miracle Ever - I'm Willing to Reciprocate/Return The Favor

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Nah Legit just actually peeped that crying video, **** isn’t even funny, OP get some help, talk to someone, my bad if me Trollin ever made you feel some type of way...i DONT want to be that guy that adds fuel to the fire and pushes an unstable person over the edge, get well OP.
Joined Aug 31, 2012
Ima just assume my guy is just trollin because to assume he’s actually serious is concerning, i had to come in here because I guess OP felt I wasn’t paying close attention to this thread and actually went and tagged me on his IG post...

not sure what I ever did to
0% chance of trolling. Who makes 10 IG accounts and posts pics for months/years just to have it culminate to one NT thread?

This dude has serious psychiatric issues that we have no ability to fix. He honestly needs help.

*edit: beat me to it.

Nereyda Vuelve Por Dios

formerly DONRE
Joined Jul 22, 2012
This goes to show. Dont make NT your personal blog. Handle the emo **** elsewhere. preferably a professional. Especially if it aint funny or insightful.
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