Niketalk whats something bad that youre good at? This should be funny

Joined Feb 25, 2008
Basically name something youre good at doing thats bad feel free to leave examples or stories doesnt matter

Well me for instance all of my friends tell me i should be a lawyer because i lie so well almost to the point where they know im lying but they still believe me for some reason
no i dont go around lying all day everyday its just something bad i seem to be good at
Joined May 25, 2001
I multitask when I drive, you can catch me knee driving like 95% of the time and I have no problem with it, do it better than most people with their hands and "full attention" on the road. And in Oklahoma you know too, because there's tons of road construction where you have the narrower lanes with concrete barriers on both sides.

I can eat outrageous amounts of food

Can gain tons of weight in a short amount of time, relates back to ^

I can fall asleep while holding something in my hand and not drop it
Joined Aug 23, 2008
I'm good at not knowing when a girl want's me to smash. Girl invited me to her apartment wearing something that had me thinking
. I thought we was just friends so I kept it moving. Told my friends and they all
Joined Jul 10, 2005
Edit: Nevermind, totally misread the thread title.

Put me down for faking it and talking !@#$ as well.
Joined Apr 12, 2006
Originally Posted by Club29

Faking it.
This. If he's trying real hard and it's like he's trying to find his keys in there, it's just best to let him think he won so that it's over as soon as possible.

Also, I'm excel at the silent treatment. I HATE when people do it to me, but I have mastered the technique.
Joined Feb 27, 2005
I'm great with numbers when it comes to
... a QP here, a zip there... but I can't do regular math for the life of me
Joined Jul 23, 2005
In real life, I am a pretty great liar when I need to cover myself.
I've convinced co-workers of stuff that I am not entirely sure of myself. Say it confidently enough, and people will believe.
Joined Oct 18, 2009
flip cup and beer pong.
not really that bad, but i'm not gonna put in my resume or anything.

in all lowercase cause i'm eating cheetos with my left hand.
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