NikeTalk's changing all the rules. (New rule updates)

Methodical Management

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Dec 8, 1999
To address some of the problems people have been having with the vague and incomplete rules page, we've recently updated the NikeTalk Rules of Conduct.

Be sure to check it out, since you WILL be responsible for everything on that page.

Some of the changes and additions from the old page include:

  • A FIVE LINE limit on signatures. No more closet inventory listings or entire Jay-Z album transcripts.
  • A 150KB size limit on all personal photos. No more entire ESPN hightlight reels.
  • NO audio clips in posts. We've been upholding this one for awhile, now it's in print.
  • No discussion of pornography or illegal activities, including bootlegging music, movies, or games.
This is the Internet. There are about five billion other places to find out where to steal "Nellyville" and burn PS2 games. That type of discussion can hurt our mission, which is to open our community to sneaker fans of all ages, nations, religions, etc.

Along the same lines, no more "***** that" or other cheap attempts to get around the cursing rules. No loopholes, no excuses. If you can't go 5 minutes without cursing, we wish you the best of luck at your next job interview.

This isn't a call for debate, this is just a word of notice. We've only made minor changes and additions, and if you can't live with them, you're more than welcome to start NikeTalk 5.

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