Niketown Seattle to Unveil S. Alexander as new Poster guy.

Joined May 19, 2003
Shaun Alexander of the Hawks will be unveilled at Niketown Seattle this friday at 3:30.
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Im fully expecting it to fall down the second some wind hits it.

... i mean, based on his running this season....
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Im fully expecting it to fall down the second some wind hits it.

... i mean, based on his running this season....[hr][/hr]
This broad sauced the hell out of me​
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Put Weaver up instead, he has hands, and is not afraid of the bad guys.

p.s. Chris shut up and go to Aruba already.

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Team Pacific Northwest​
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options are pretty limited though aren't they? this is one more reason why the sonics need to stay so nike can replace it with one of kevin durant
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real talk i'd much rather have adrian peterson or marshawn lynch
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Hell at this point I'd rather have Leonard Weaver getting the carries. Anyone notice that we were running a lot of split backs and a lot less I formation plays, think that pisses 37 off or what? I do.

Team Pacific Northwest

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