Niketown sf return exchange policy question

Mar 30, 2005
wassup i was wondering if i can still return nike products (shoes) to niketown sf without a receipt for store credit. i know they use to do this because a friend of mine did it a year or two ago. But i called them and they said no or not any more. i was wondering if their lying to me. have any of you guys tried this. i only want store credit. thanks for any help. i was thinking if i should just try to bring the shoes in person and try this. if they still don't should i try to talk to one of the managers there?
I doubt a company would lie to you. If they have a policy, they will enforce it. Heck! who knows! go down to NTSF and try to exchange it! Create some BS story that you only bought the kicks a month ago or something.
i dont see why they wouldnt allow it, maybe because people have tried returning fakes? I don't know though, all the Nike Outlets let me return merchandise w\o receipts for store credit
when is enough ENOUGH?!?!
I have returned stuff there without a receipt for credit and they were cool with it. As long as they sold it in the store you should be straight.
update: Broccoliavenger you are correct. i went to the store today and they said i can only get store credit if the item is still selling it. Too bad they were some older air forces i bought a while ago. oh well looks like i will have to sell them some other way now thanks for all the feedback guys.
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