Nipsey Hussle Thread; Rest in Power Ermias Davidson Asghedom (August 15, 1985 – March 31, 2019)

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im just waiting patiently for my hat. already know it will be my fav hat in my collection once it comes
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J Stone dropped the video for “The Marathon Continues.” I couldn’t get through it smh. Wasn’t ready for that. Long live Nip Hussle.
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TRAE wrote that from the heart he’s a solid dude one of my homies that stays in Houston knows him personally....It’s crazy though I was listening to ONLY A CASE & it just hit me like “DAMN ***** REALLY KILLED NIP”....It’s been so long since a rapper of his magnitude got killed it feels odd & unbelievable....
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Seeing that visual was rough, man. It still doesn’t seem real although it’s been damn near three months.

I’ve played Nip every day since then and it’s almost encouraging to listen to him in a different context- with hindsight. I guess some people go to Eric Thomas or Gary Vee for inspiration/guidance, but Hussle fills that void for me now. “Look at all this game in my verses”.

I’ve been reading “Originals” by Adam Grant (a book on his list) and it gives some insight to how he formed his thoughts/ideas/platform. Almost anything is relatable if you look hard enough, but this quote below instantly made me think of his last tweet. TMC NT ✌

“Our instinct is to sever our bad relationships and salvage the ambivalent ones. But evidence suggest we ought to do the opposite: cut out frenemies and attempt to convert our enemies...Our best allies aren't the people who have supported us all along. They’re the ones who started out against us and then came around to our side.”

***Having strong enemies is a blessing***
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