NJ Sneaker Store Opening Saturday - Rare Breed Footwear

Jun 9, 2003
We are a sneaker boutique located in West End (Long Branch) NJ. The store is 1000 feet from the beach, there are 2 dope graffiti pieces consisting of our logo and we have something for everyone. We have a front room consisting of some underground companies, flip-flops for the girls, slip-ons, etc. The back room is for the collector, a lot of crazy heat, and also hot shoes just to rock everyday.

We are currently carrying Nike, Adidas, Creative Recreation, JB Classic, Run Athletics, K1X, Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, Clarks, PF Flyer, Ben Sherman, Levi's, Havaiana, 555 Soul, ALIFE, L.A.M.B, Royal Elastic, Mike23, Dave White, Shmack, One True Saxon, Modern Amusement.

I attached some pictures, the front room is finished and we are still working on the back room so these pictures are not of the finished product. Please let me know what you all think and definitely come on down if you can.

what stuff do you guys have in a 12-14 and would it be worth making the trip from philly?
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I have a lot of stuff in size 12, not too many Nikes though. A lot of the Nikes I have go up to size 11 and 11.5.
Faulkit I have the michigans in size 9.5
57A Brighton Avenue, Long Branch NJ 07740....Exit 105 off the parkway, take 36 all the way down and make a right on Ocean Avenue. Take that for about 1 to 2 miles and make a right on Brighton.
I like the way you got the fence and the playgroud bench with the t's hanging up,and those penny foamposites,do ya have sizes in them,i must come and check it out,wow had i known i woulda been there and i just got back to The Bahamas 2 days ago,

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ya shop is near monmouth university rite..how far away..cuz i actually gotta visit there saturday
store looks dope.....you got that mike23 "Sometimes I Dream" shirt in black or red size L?
"..and i keep goin, until they cut the beat off/and my NIKEs got n***as tryina cut my feet off.."- (mad)skillz
Well I only have the olympics in a 9.5 and they are $200. The steels are a size 10 for $160. I recently had to find a customer both of those pairs in a size 12 and I couldnt find anything cheaper than $220.
Place looks great, we needed something like this in Jersey. What do you got in 9.5? Any shirts in M or normal L, not the huge L's alot of stores sell.
Robbie I got tons of nike stuff in 9.5 and all the other companies I carry as well. I have Dave White, Mike, and Jordan shirts in Mediums and Larges. Come check us out if your around or inbox me
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