No basketball till October :(

Who do you think will win?

  • Cavaliers in 4

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  • Cavaliers in 5

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  • Cavaliers in 6

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  • Cavaliers in 7

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  • Warriors in 4

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  • Warriors in 5

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  • Warriors in 6

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  • Warriors in 7

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GM 1: CLE at GSW, Jun. 4, 9:00 PM ET ABC | Tickets
GM 2: CLE at GSW, Jun. 7, 8:00 PM ET ABC | Tickets
GM 3: GSW at CLE, Jun. 9, 9:00 PM ET ABC | Tickets
GM 4: GSW at CLE, Jun. 11, 9:00 PM ET ABC | Tickets
GM 5: CLE at GSW, Jun. 14 ABC | If Needed
GM 6: GSW at CLE, Jun. 16 ABC | If Needed
GM 7: CLE at GSW, Jun. 19 ABC | If Needed
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This is the first Finals that I can remember where I dont mind either team winning..

Warriors clearly have the better overall team, but if Kyrie is healthy I just cant pick against LeBron.. Dude looks super focused this post season.

Hope it goes 7 games :smokin
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I'm thinking this goes seven games & hopefully this is gonna be the "clash of the titans" finals that KD vs LeBron was hyped to be.
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Warriors will sweep or win 4-1, sorry, Kyrie Irving only shows up once in the series of every round, lucky to show up twice. No Kevin Love. Smith ain't consistent game after game. Lebron will be pestered. If anybody want to rep bet me, I got Warriors, we can do straight win or lose, loser rep winner 5 times, 1 per 5 post or rep bet per game until the series end, rep the winner once for each game.

Let me know! Its just for fun.
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If the cavs shooters are on and kyrie can go cavs in 6

Interesting that the warriors are only 5 point favorites at home when every other team were 10 and over

Scott foster might be up
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Heres a little fun fact

The last 9 finals winners AND finals mvp winners have been nike owned athletes
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This finals is so unpredictable to me but I know it will exciting to watch. I'm legit happy to see these teams go at it 
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I want the Cavs to win but logic tells me they will be destroyed nevertheless lets go cavs
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I dunno who I want to win. I don't know who I think will win. Lebron going back to Cleveland and taking them this far is great...but the Warriors as a team is great. Kind of torn.
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I don't know why but I'm thinking the Cavs actually take it this year. Lebron is playing god mode right now and has made career underachievers (JR/Shump), complete nobodys (Delly), and unheralded big men (Mozgov/TT) into a team that has a coinflip chance against a 67 win team.

I just think having the best player on the floor gives you at least one or two games and a healthy Kyrie can shoot just as well as Steph. I really do wonder if they put Lebron on Steph. Going to be a great Finals. I'll probably be going to Game 1 or 2. 
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