Nore roasting Alc Apprecation Vol. Twitter Beef

Jun 29, 2008
Nore going in
Seem like it started out as just jokes...but cats getting personal. LMAO atTru Life smacking Alc too.
@AlanTheChemist u should of took the charge for p now u can't live!!! U would ofgot community service now u got ya boy doing a bid

@AlanTheChemist I know u feel the sameway but I'm not hitting u like trulife these r jokes Littles from qb raped u and havoc's hates u!lol

@AlanTheChemist when u gonna smack someone instead of always getting smacked!!!

@AlanTheChemist were having funeralservice for alc at 1030 if u can't make it please email flowers

@AlanTheChemist ur brother neil think ugay u don't get no %!+%$

@AlanTheChemist u gotta stop smoking somuch!!! U can't even sell em a beat!!!

@AlanTheChemist I bet u wish u was onthis new eminem album!!!!! Ur brother work at shady and u can't give em a free beat!!!+

@AlanTheChemist don't worry eminenwill finally rap to the 7thousand beats u sent him 1day!!!!

@AlanTheChemist twinn robbed alc moretimes then alc shave!!!!

@AlanTheChemist u got prodigy locked updon't make me tell the people bout that!!!!

@AlanTheChemist u mean what u did top

@AlanTheChemist stop tring 2 rap like prodigy and clean ya house it smells like rat pee n there

@AlanTheChemist maxwell had alc doingthe stinkey leg n his living room

@AlanTheChemist DJ muggs must beashamed u crew hopper groupie u boned more rappers then super head!!!

A couple of Alcs
@noreaga its actually YOUR funeral. we justhad to trick u in2 thinking it was mine cuz ur dumb %$% probly wouldnt even show up to ur own.

while im in the studio making beats today, @Noreaga will be boxing/beating up a random customer at Fatburger. We love Nore.

@Noreaga 100% correct! however, ur amazingalbum dropped 2 months ago. the timing for this publicity stunt is a little off.

@noreaga CNN album in stores now. Yes, NOW.been in stores. jeezuz, why doesn't anyone believe me?

@noreaga P sent me a letter. said he hatesyou. don't make me post it up! we're still cool tho rite?

@noreaga @MartinMoor said you ain't !*++. seen him and @ChuckWilson at the bankdepositing the bags of $ they stole from u. Nice.

@noreaga Tragedy said you used to !*++ yourpants as a teen. it was your only defense from rape in jail. man ur intelligence amazes me.

@Noreaga u should fallback (drink) until 2017when reggaton makes a comeback. the rate you work you should have 4 songs done by then. dope!

@THEREALTRULIFE @SCRAMJONES @noreaga is too easy of a target. you big sloppy ******ed Grimacelooking reggaeton bellydancer
@Noreaga u should fallback (drink) until 2017when reggaton makes a comeback. the rate you work you should have 4 songs done by then. dope!

lmao at alc still trying to take jabs when nore gave this dude a e funeral already
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