Nore roasting Alc Apprecation Vol. Twitter Beef

Joined Jun 29, 2008
Nore going in
Seem like it started out as just jokes...but cats getting personal. LMAO atTru Life smacking Alc too.
@AlanTheChemist u should of took the charge for p now u can't live!!! U would ofgot community service now u got ya boy doing a bid

@AlanTheChemist I know u feel the sameway but I'm not hitting u like trulife these r jokes Littles from qb raped u and havoc's hates u!lol

@AlanTheChemist when u gonna smack someone instead of always getting smacked!!!

@AlanTheChemist were having funeralservice for alc at 1030 if u can't make it please email flowers

@AlanTheChemist ur brother neil think ugay u don't get no %!+%$

@AlanTheChemist u gotta stop smoking somuch!!! U can't even sell em a beat!!!

@AlanTheChemist I bet u wish u was onthis new eminem album!!!!! Ur brother work at shady and u can't give em a free beat!!!+

@AlanTheChemist don't worry eminenwill finally rap to the 7thousand beats u sent him 1day!!!!

@AlanTheChemist twinn robbed alc moretimes then alc shave!!!!

@AlanTheChemist u got prodigy locked updon't make me tell the people bout that!!!!

@AlanTheChemist u mean what u did top

@AlanTheChemist stop tring 2 rap like prodigy and clean ya house it smells like rat pee n there

@AlanTheChemist maxwell had alc doingthe stinkey leg n his living room

@AlanTheChemist DJ muggs must beashamed u crew hopper groupie u boned more rappers then super head!!!

A couple of Alcs
@noreaga its actually YOUR funeral. we justhad to trick u in2 thinking it was mine cuz ur dumb %$% probly wouldnt even show up to ur own.

while im in the studio making beats today, @Noreaga will be boxing/beating up a random customer at Fatburger. We love Nore.

@Noreaga 100% correct! however, ur amazingalbum dropped 2 months ago. the timing for this publicity stunt is a little off.

@noreaga CNN album in stores now. Yes, NOW.been in stores. jeezuz, why doesn't anyone believe me?

@noreaga P sent me a letter. said he hatesyou. don't make me post it up! we're still cool tho rite?

@noreaga @MartinMoor said you ain't !*++. seen him and @ChuckWilson at the bankdepositing the bags of $ they stole from u. Nice.

@noreaga Tragedy said you used to !*++ yourpants as a teen. it was your only defense from rape in jail. man ur intelligence amazes me.

@Noreaga u should fallback (drink) until 2017when reggaton makes a comeback. the rate you work you should have 4 songs done by then. dope!

@THEREALTRULIFE @SCRAMJONES @noreaga is too easy of a target. you big sloppy ******ed Grimacelooking reggaeton bellydancer
Joined Feb 8, 2009
@Noreaga u should fallback (drink) until 2017when reggaton makes a comeback. the rate you work you should have 4 songs done by then. dope!

Joined Jun 29, 2008
lmao at alc still trying to take jabs when nore gave this dude a e funeral already
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