Northeast Store Inventory Updates...

May 2, 2001
This will serve as the official store inventory post for the Northeast . This will not be about "blowing up spots". This will be providing information to the users in our region.

Relevant information would be:

-Store Name
-Specific Item
-Size Run

A phone number would be sweet so people can check for themselves before taking the trip. It's your chance to utilize this forum to its fullest extent. Whether or not this forum is a success is fully up to you, the user.

I stress, please refrain from requesting reports. If people have the information, they will pass it along. Similar to constant posts asking about when the next F&F is going to be, request posts won't make the information come any faster.


*copied from Bastitch
[table]T E A M N E R D [/table]​
Packer Shoes
941 Teaneck Rd.
Teaneck NJ, 07666

Court Forces World Cup Pack 110

Serig Pack minus dunk

History of Air Pack Retail

Like every freaking NL dunk except UNDFTD

Tuxedo Pack

Some Euro 95s

Dunk Low and HI 1 Piece Laser QS

some New Balance 1500 Made in England type @#%$

clientele X Puma Ras100s??? I think all patent rasta vibe

Tweed Force 1

Irak, aNYthing, clientele, and a bunch of other tees. the Stampede King fitteds are hot.

Do yourself a favor. if yr in NJ and you claim to be part of this culture or whatever. go into the shop. yes they ship. but its really cool to meet down to earth heads just like yrself. chat it up with them or whatever. show your support.

uno amor you Magicians!!!!!

"when i'm dead i'll rest, when i'm dead i'll rest"
For those that missed it, Clientele has the Ghostface Killah collabo shirts for $15, marked down from $50.

Clientele is located on Lafayette, near Supreme in the old x-large store.

thanks to Atmosqaure for the original info.

I need Black/Cement and True Blue IIIs in a sz 15. Got anything else good? Get at me!
Packer Shoes
941 Teaneck Rd.
Teaneck NJ, 07666

They have a very nice display inside including a pair of ENCORE AF1s and DS OG Fire Red 4s

Jordan XII flint/white size 10
Jordan XIII wheat size 11
Dub Zeros--Numerous sizes
Jordan XIV black red--numerous sizes
One Piece Dunk highs and lows (4 different colorways)--numerous sizes
Numerous Air Force 1s

Northside Ave
Linden, NJ

Various AF1s-($49.99-$75)
White/Green XIV--$100
White/Caro and Black/Caro Melos--$125
Knicks Pennys, Black Pennys, and Red Pennys--$69.99

too many shoes, too little money [tr][td]
Nike Outlet
Jersey Gardens Mall
Elizabeth, NJ

Lets see if I can remember

Jordan XX East 99.99
Jordan XX Low

Free 5.0 red and blue

Shox Classic

Considered boot & shoes

2K5 lakers colors

Air max 04 red

There was other stuff also, but I can't remember. Nothing that caught my eye though.
I work in that mall and NOTHING ever catches my eye, nothing my size at least.
maybe i check when normal sizes sell out?
sorry if this doesn't belong here, but in the Canada forum, they have a sticky post with all the stores in Toronto, along with numbers and directions.

I'm heading down to NYC this wknd and would love to have a list of all the local boutiques like clientele, packer shoes, etc. if someone could post some info, it would be greatly appreciated!
Packer Shoes
941 Teaneck Rd.
Teaneck NJ, 07666


dunk sertig
dunk nl
air max 1 nl both colors
kashima antlers 95, 97, 360
evolution 180s and 360s
all stars air force
pilgrim air force 1 piece
harris tweed air force
maple air force
orange/white rbk ventilators
jordan xxi
other stuff i can't remember
how much for the all stars...also, i was just at the Foot Locker in the King of Prussia Mall in PA, wasnt expecting much, but they still got all the History of Airs, those black/yellow Kobes, all Iversons, the two new Air Force 3 colorways, and those other good GRs
packer's . . . . .. unfortuantely i didnt hear bout it till after i moved from jersey (was only down the street from where i used to live too!!!! lolz) but when i went up in there, blown away. mad propz to packers
Does Packers not ship? I tried to order some St. Patty's and they said they don't ship..? But before they told me they do. What's the deal?
if anyone still wants one, i saw a pair of the untold truth AF1 at 7FOX in the Square One Mall...

for those who hasn't copped jordan xxi, its 149.99 @ @#%$ sporting goods in woodbridge mall, it will probably drop more but just a heads up.....

lol the name got censored, d i c k 's sporting goods
mber No.58[/b]​
I was under the impression that Packer's shipped...but when I called and asked, the guy paused for like 5 seconds and said no. So do they ship or not...?
Classic Kicks has a lot of stuff on sale. Mostly womens dunks for about $45. They also have two pairs of Spiridons. Red = 8.5 and Blue = 9.5 both for $55. The dude there said they'd be getting the Adicolor's with the 5 different colored laces sometime this week.

Transit still has those seamless AF1 for (red) 125. Black & White are $150 I think

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