Not able to eat when depressed?

Joined Dec 8, 2008
Anyone else here not able to eat when they are depressed? 

My wife and I are going through some stuff and she is out of town with my daughter.  They have been gone since Thursday 03/25 and we have been fighting over the phone and what not.  And now since like friday she has been threatening to not come back home.  Or atleast not for a while.  Its killing me man.

I cant sleep and i havent eaten anything since like friday.  Everytime i think about eating i feel like im gonna throw up.  All i have been doing is smoke cigarettes and drinking water.  The thought of losing everything is just horrible.

Sorry if no one cares.  Just needed to vent i guess.
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I care man, kind of going through the same thing. just try eating something no matter what it is. Is it worse in the morning?
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damn b.. sorry to hear that

all i can say is keep your head up. def try to eat something tho
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Nah its the same all the time. Its just the thought of losing my family is just eating away at me ya know?
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It's the reason why I'm headed for 105 lbs again
You can tell when I'm not happy, I drop weight like nothing
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I get that way too, man. The exact same, actually.

What I do is start drinking heavier things. From water move to juice, and from juice to milk.

From the milk I start eating yogurt. Then fruit. I usually stay on that for a while. Then simple foods (rice, veggies, etc.) From there I just add meat and I'm back to my usual diet.

Try taking steps. If you go from this feeling straight to a greasy cheeseburger or something, chances are that you'll vomit. Just start slow and go at a pace that's comfortable.

Also, you can PM me if you need help or anything. Always willing to help a fellow NTer.
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I've been there before and when everything got better the weight that was lifted off my shoulders felt amazing. Stick it out, hopefully she comes back to you soon
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It's normal to feel like you are not hungry when depressed. You have to force yourself to eat something. Soup, or something light will do, just make sure you remember this too shall pass. Keep positive amongst trials, you are not alone.

Remember not to worry about things you cannot control.
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sorry to hear that ... but yeah.. drinking soup helps for warm meals, but take some Nutriment shakes from time to time...
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I appreciate all the kinds words really helping me out here. Good to know im not the only one thats been through/going through this. I am def not gonna give up.

I drank some gatorade the other day since i was feeling like %%+. But yeah other than that is been nothing but water. I tried to eat yesterday since it was easter i had a nice plate right in front of me but i couldnt do it. Atleast im at work now cuz i was just sitting around at home pretty much the whole weekend by myself.
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I feel for you. I get the same way. But you can't stay thinking about it. It will drive you crazy.
When stuff is bothering me, I go for a run. It helps take my mind off of things.
I know its tough, but try to find something that will help you relax and get your mind off things. Your appetite will come back.
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Been there. Just remember, if you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of your daughter. I'm here for you if you -- just PM me.
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Stay strong, fam. Keep your head up and once you've gotten back up, learn to forgive and forget, drop your pride, and listen. Set that example for your daughter, I hope this helped


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goin thru alot of things myself........ex, work, health etc.

what i notice is that i eat when im with ppl and they eat......try that

wont tell u to stay up cause i cant stay up myself.......pause
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Everything will work out for the best i promise. God dosen't put you in situations you can't handle.

For the eating get some granola bars take a few bights here and there.
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Originally Posted by solemunchies

Stay strong, fam. Keep your head up and once you've gotten back up, learn to forgive and forget, drop your pride, and listen. Set that example for your daughter, I hope this helped
Yeah that is pretty much what i am trying to do.  I hate having to always be the bigger person though but if i dont i know it will never work out since she is just as prideful and hardheaded/stubborn as i am.  For my daughter though i will do anything and everything to be a good father to her.

Right now im not even mad at her or anything.  All i want is for them to just come home.
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Kinda been there my man. People clown but depression is nothing to mess with. Stay up my man. I'm gonna through some personal mental batlles also so I sorta feel your pain.
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So i just talked to her and she said she might come home either late tonight or early tomorrow morning. (Shes in Fresno right now btw and im down in San Diego.). Im kinda of relieved but at the same time im still feeling down. She had to emphasize how she was still so angry and she really doesnt want to come home. Sometimes i wish i didnt care but im glad i do. Im not tryin to give up on my family.

I dont know how to get over being depressed though. I feel like ive been down even before this but this kinda just pushed it a step further.
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If you don't mind me asking, what's the beef over? Why did she leave town?

When I was depressed and going through a similar situation I worked out a lot.
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