Not being able to find "that" song unappreciation

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Because you have a lot of albums to go through and cant remember which one the song was on. Mixtapes ftl
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it just bothers me when I remember a song vaguely and I'm humming it but just can't get the damn artist, chorus, album whatever
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i have this problem when trying to remember the name or artist of a song from back of the day.
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Whats worse is when you have a mixtape with a freestyle on it and the track title is non descriptive. You want to find out the name of the original song thatsome lame rapper spit on, but you're stuck with:

Freestyle - Lame Artist.

You like the beat and original song but you can't extract the original song title. What worse is that since some lame is rapping on it, you can't youShazam on your iphone to recognize the song. Word to Swishahouse mixtapes.
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i feel you on this particularly annoying part of my musical bull i've been looking for a mr. cheeks/lost boyz song i heard on hiphopgame forlike 2 YEARS!!
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It's funny sometimes when my friend and I forget which song the lyrics is from, and we race eachother to see who gets the song right first lol
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man, i hate this... i tend to know the beat of the song... and the mumbling of the words(thus not using google for the lyric search)... but can never findit

bad memory FML
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I neeeeeeed that song from the Kia commercial. Front, back, side to side. Front front back back side to side. Yea!
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Im still looking for this R&B blend over that Trick Daddy nann %*!%* beat. Song was straight fire
Im not even going to speak on house mixessmh. Its like if you don't get it as soon as you hear it, it could be lost to you forever.


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Originally Posted by infamousod

Too bad this doesnt work on songs I have in my head that Itry to remember

This is the worst @%%+ though...I go through this at least a few times a month
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