Not registering for classes early unappreciation

Joined Jun 28, 2007
Now Im stuck with only the option of taking my classes at night from 6-9 or on the weekends. I cant do that because I gotta work and well why the %$%* do Iwanna be in school after 3?? SMFH
Joined Jan 8, 2003
that...and i also hate when classes are canceled and it ruins your entire schedule that you can't even fit it anywhere else
Joined Jul 16, 2002
i wont have to worry about that since I just graduated

now I gotta worry about finding a job

oh well, graduating with Zero debt FTW!
Joined Jul 26, 2006
Same thing almost happened to me. I had no idea you could already register for classes. Luckily when i registered last week i still had alot of options
Joined Feb 7, 2006
My registration doesn't start until friday. It's a good thing to stay on top of your priorities.
Joined Jun 28, 2007
I was gunna try to talk my way into some of the classes I wanted. Im pretty sure it will work. Just gotta hit them with that good sob story
Joined Feb 8, 2009
yea i usually just attend the class I want for a week take notes and be like "I notice you havent call me on your role today I thought I was in thisclass" "Well, since I've already taken al these notes can you just add me to your role" Works every time
Joined May 9, 2007
my prof. died and another one took his place and nothing changed.

i heard he was a
teacher too.

i dont even know what he looked like cuz he died a week before classes started.
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