not to gas ninjahood but french montana got the hottest track in the streets

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it's the most added song on BDS urban radio

please name "hotter" street songs right now nationally?

emphasis on it being a street song getting national airplay
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French definitely has some dope singles, his album on a whole was just eh though.

This song definitely goes though.
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Album was good had a few bangers. Don't understand the hate
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This is one of the worst songs ever. Would rather listen to laffy taffy. French is bunz


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sir you misspelled Versace by Migos and Drake
Exactly why I didn't want drake on the record smh dudes gon act like he made them hot. But if u think that french record isn't the hottest in the streets u a fool. I was ay the club and dj had to run it back cuz dudes went crazy when it came out
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Ya forget NTers dont leave their houses and attend

Parties...i already made my case when french

Montana closed summer jam..hurts to see me

Validated huh :pimp: :lol:
you do realize he sold 56k first week right? you didnt validate anything.

asap's buzz>>>>>>>>french's buzz
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this joint is killing it in miami i dunno man , was not expecting this thread outcome

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